We take care of our bodies yet most of the time, we take our feet for granted. Because our daily activities take their toll on our feet, it is pertinent to choose the appropriate shoes. If you are using the same shoes all day, every day, you may not be giving the right protection and care for your feet. 

Fortunately, it is easy to get a new pair of shoes for every type of need, whether online or at a physical store. However, selecting the wrong shoe type, no matter how great they look, will be bad for your feet. It’s always worth spending a little more money to get a pair that fits you properly, provides comfort, and protects your ankles and feet. Although, not everyone is able to afford high-quality shoes, so always look out for offers and deals similar to these Nordstrom coupons to save some extra money.

  • Avoiding injury: Inappropriate shoes can cause harm to your feet and ankles. This is the main reason sports shoes are labeled if they are walking shoes, cross-trainers or aerobic shoes, running shoes, or soccer shoes. While it is possible to wear the same pair of sneakers for jogging and indoor activities like badminton or volleyball, wearing footwear designed for a specific sport has benefits such as sufficient ankle support, efficient traction, or ample padding. Shoe Adviser have reviewed a number of different shoes that are best for arch support and pain relief. They provide everything that you need to know when choosing for the perfect pair of comfortable shoes suitable to your active lifestyle. They like handy gifts like the best supportive tennis shoes that add to their own and expert life.
  • Improved performance: Activity-specific shoes help improve your performance by providing an allowance for motion and flexibility in your movements. Also, wearing the right type of shoes increases your athletic performance. For example, if you are a runner, you should invest in shoes that can absorb impact with the correct cushioning. Football players, on the other hand, should wear shoes with excellent surface grip and padding that protect the ankles from injuries.
  • For your overall health: The wrong shoes have negative effects on your health, in general. Inappropriate sports shoes do not only hinder your athletic performance and increase your risk for injuries; it can also cause leg cramps, as well as pain in the joints, ankles, and knees. Another example is poorly fitting shoes which can negatively impact your posture. These types of wrong footwear can also exacerbate existing health conditions like arthritis and sciatica. 

Choosing The Appropriate Shoes for Activities

The following tips will show you how to choose the most suitable pair of shoes for every physical activity.

Consider the Type of Physical Activity

Purchasing the right shoes is like buying clothes – you need to get the appropriate ones for the occasion. It wouldn’t be right to wear formal attire when you’re going on a hike, right? The same goes for shoes. You can choose to wear stiletto heels on your beach vacation, but it will likely feel uncomfortable and look unsuitable.

It is crucial to choose the right type of shoes for the kind of physical activity that you plan to do. Here are examples:

  • Walking: Shoes for walking have flexible soles and shock absorbent material.
  • Running: Shoes for running are lightweight yet flexible and have a stable heel.
  • Hiking: Shoes for hiking have strong ankle support, thick soles, and a roomy toe area.
  • Court: Shoes for basketball, volleyball, and tennis have thick soles and excellent ankle support.
  • Field: Shoes for baseball (or softball), football (or soccer), or track and field are lightweight but padded; it should have excellent traction (from cleats or studs).

Select Shoes that Meet Your Needs

If you run or jog regularly, it may be tempting to buy the latest running shoes aired on TV. Also, a friend may recommend to you the type of running sneakers that he or she is using. Although there is nothing wrong with getting these suggestions, you should choose appropriate shoes that conform to your needs and requirements. 

When choosing a suitable pair of shoes, always consider your size. Different brands may follow different sizing standards, so it is best to try on the shoes before buying them. If you plan to purchase online, also make sure to inform the seller your feet measurements to avoid shoes that are too tight or too loose. 

Shop From the Right Brand

Athletic shoe manufacturers are usually known for designing footwear for specific types of sports. If you play golf, for example, it is best to go for a brand that specializes in golf shoes. Take time to research what footwear brands offer the best type of shoes for the activities that you want to enjoy.  If you’re looking for casual sneakers for walking or skateboarding for example, you may be choosing between Gazelle vs Campus shoes.

If you have difficulty finding the best type of shoes for your physical activities, you should consult a podiatrist for recommendations.


The right pair of shoes should complement every type of physical activity. It can be an overwhelming decision since there are numerous options to choose from. Investing in the right size and type of footwear will keep you safe from injuries and keep your feet healthy while performing your physical activities.