Dental healthcare is undergoing an uphaul. From a conventional pen and paper model and reliance on an assistant for managing everything, the dentist world has moved to more sophisticated software. Reliance is showing a positive impact. The bills are streamlined, patients’ prescriptions are updated and an appointment is just a click away. Isn’t that a stress-free approach? 

We have talked so much about dental software, let us see what are the recent innovations and how they are going to revolutionize the way the dentistry world works:

  1. 3-D printers for dental implants: You must have noticed that whenever you need a new tooth implant or need to get your RCT re-done, the dentists talk about placing the order for new supplies. Most of the time, the dentist orders them after taking the patients’ appointment. 

This lengthens the waiting period. With 3-D printers, dentists can now produce the implants instantly. It will have a 2 fold benefit. First, it will save time. Second, it will establish trust among the patients that genuine materials are used. Also, in case of accidents where there are severe dental juries, it will help in instant treatment. 

  1. Dental impressions: 3-D printers will need digital impressions for manufacturing the implants. This involves the use of software like CAD and CAM. A 3-dimensional image of the tooth complete with decay, cracks, and another anomaly is created. 

This helps dentists and determines the extent of damage and how to manage it. It will be extremely helpful in orthodontics, prosthetics, and dental fabrication.

  1. LASER dentistry: LASER has already proved its mettle in ophthalmics and surgery. Painless surgery with precision is a reality. With the introduction of laser dentistry enabled software, it will be possible to create sutures, extract the tooth, and also polish teeth instantly. 

FDA has already given its approval for the use of LASER for treating several dental conditions.

  1. Robo-dentists: In 2017, a robot carried out a complete dental implant on a patient in China. There was no physical involvement of the dentist. He just guided it through the software. This innovation is going to rule dentistry. A degree of precision free of human-error will be a thing to watch. It will also solve the issue of the physical exhaustion of dentists.
  1. Electronic prescription writing services: When you are done with your dental treatment, you are given a prescription of drugs. You need to carry it to the nearest pharmacy. But here is the problem, the pharmacy does not always have the drugs prescribed. 

Also, there is a chance of losing the paper. The electronic prescription writing service allows the dentist to forward the digital one to the nearest pharmacy. It acts as a database of patients and also saves paper.


Dental software is going through tremendous innovations. From 3-D implants to Robo-dentists, any error or delay in dental treatment is going to be a thing of the past. Dentists around the world are embracing these developments. Patients will soon be able to see them in their nearest dental clinics.