In relationships, spouses often encounter challenges. Couples can handle some of these challenges on their own, but others require a counselor’s intervention. Online counseling has become useful for couples since it offers more convenience compared to traditional therapy. 

Several online sites offer counseling services, and thus choosing can be tricky. Therefore, we have identified 6 of the best choices for individuals seeking a relationship counselor online

Calmerry: Best Platform for Teletherap

This platform was launched in 2019, just about the time the COVID pandemic began. The initial idea behind it was to offer the mental health assistance that individuals require while staying home. The service provides both individual relationship therapy and couples counseling. Hence, it’s quite versatile.

To begin treatment, you first take a survey containing questions about you and whatever you aim to gain from therapy. After registration, the site uses an algorithm to match clients with counselors within 24 hours. From there, sessions can begin, and each lasts 30 minutes. The platform is relatively cheap in pricing, with its basic package only costing $45 per week. 

Calmerry allows payment via all major credit cards. The platform allows anonymous signups and protects client information as per the HIPAA guidelines. They offer a lot of flexibility to clients; For example, you can switch your counselor at any point during the treatment. Clients can also pause sessions and complete them later on, should the need arise. Their ease of scheduling is also very convenient for busy people. You can follow Calmerry on Twitter here.

Regain: Best for Tailored Services

It is a therapy platform that is mainly for couples therapy. The platform provides counseling to individuals facing relationship challenges or marital problems. They specialize in various topics, for example, communication, infidelity, intimacy, etc. 

To begin using Regain, a client first has to fill out a questionnaire containing questions about them. You are also asked whether you have a preference regarding your therapist, for example, in terms of gender and age. Clients also get to decide whether they prefer individual counseling, or they would prefer inviting their partners. 

The platform allows clients to register with aliases for anonymity. Individuals are matched with their therapists automatically within 24 hours. After matching, you can begin sessions after payment. The site charges between $60 and $80 for counseling weekly. Clients are free to pay will any of the major credit cards, and you can cancel your subscription at any time. 

It also has some of the most accomplished relationship counselors online. They’re all licensed and carry a lot of experience across various issues. This platform stands out from others in that they allow clients to use insurance to pay, unlike most of the competitors. 

Talkspace: Best for Unlimited Communication with Specialists

Talkspace provides counseling for individuals and couples alike. This platform helps people with various mental health issues and relationship therapy. Couples first have to go through a consultation to discuss the issues they would want to work on in counseling. Their counselors are licensed and highly qualified to deal with various topics, such as infidelity, money problems, chronic illness, parenting, and other issues. In addition, if you’re looking for counselling near me you can check One Life which takes teaching their clients the skills to have the best relationship very seriously.

The service charges $396 for couple therapy. In this plan, clients enjoy unlimited text, audio, and video communication. It is also among the few services that offer a free trial for a week. The platform complies with HIPAA guidelines, and clients are assured of confidentiality and security. 

Growing Self: Best Affordable Teletherapy Service

The site offers relationship counseling, dating coaching, premarital and marital counseling. Clients discuss their problems within 45-minute meetings charged between $95 and $150. The difference in pricing is attributed to their specialists having different education levels. 

For example, clients who want a doctoral level clinician have to pay $150 weekly. For an advanced level clinician, you will be charged $125, and for a Master’s level specialist, $105. For clients who aim to spend the least amount possible, there’s the $95 plan where you are matched with new counselors. 

Growing Self allows clients who can’t afford the fee in full to use a sliding scale for lower rates. One of their services is a solution session where clients discuss their challenges and work out an action plan for their situation.

Couples Therapy Inc.: Best for Diverse Relationships

It’s exclusively for couples and helps clients with various types of relationships. Couples Therapy Inc. offers a couples retreat for clients, which complements their sessions. With this platform, clients first undergo an assessment, a 1-1.5 hour interview with both partners present. 

Here, the therapist learns more about the relationship and the argument dynamics of partners. Clients also fill out a questionnaire and then have individual interviews. The consultation therapist later gives feedback on the clients. For example, their strengths, shortcomings, and even styles of attachment can be revealed. 

Clients then proceed to the matching process, which takes less than 24 hours. With the service, couples can participate in sessions without having to be in the same location. The site has three different plans for clients; $119 for the most basic, $159 and $199 for better plans. It all comes down to the clients’ willingness to spend on relationship counseling online.

The couples retreat costs clients $3000 for a weekend for anyone who opts for it. Their therapists are greatly qualified and have enough experience. Furthermore, the site offers counseling in 9 languages.

Pride Counseling: Best Teletherapy Platform for LGBTQ

The platform provides online counseling to the LGBTQ community. It was founded on the premise that individuals of the LGBTQ require a counseling service where they wouldn’t have to fear discrimination. The platform offers individual therapy and counseling for couples.

Pride counseling observes the HIPAA guidelines and respects the anonymity of clients. The service allows communication through chat, messaging, phone, and video calls. Clients are charged about $60 weekly for its services. Before therapy, clients have to take a survey where they provide information about themselves, such as their pronouns and age. 

All their professionals are licensed and have significant experience across various specialties such as; relationships, trauma, abuse, anxiety, etc. 

Final Thoughts

Selection can be quite a challenge when you have so many great options for therapy online. However, choosing the right site for you heavily relies on your preferences. Some of these platforms have unique features that will appeal to you more than others. They all have glowing reviews from clients, and a client might be in safe hands, choosing the site that feels right for them.

Author Bio

Kate Skurat – Licensed Mental Health Counselor
Washington, United States

Kate has a B.S. in Psychology and M.A. in Clinical Psychology from Pepperdine University and has worked in healthcare since 2017. She primarily treated depression, anxiety, eating disorders, trauma, and grief, as well as identity, relationship and adjustment issues. Her clinical experience has focused on individual and group counseling, emergency counseling and outreach.