When it comes to health and fitness supplements, you will find many make very wild claims as to their effectiveness. The first thing to remember is that you should never believe a claim that seems too good to be true – it probably is! There are some products, including testosterone boosters, that do work. What you need to look for is the ingredients list. An honest and open manufacturer will happily tell you what is in its supplement, and how much of each ingredient. They will also tell you why. One ingredient you should definitely look for is D-aspartic acid (or DAA). You will certainly find this in the best testosterone products. Why is DAA important? Let’s have a closer look.

Why DAA is a Must

DAA is an amino acid that is found in high levels both in the brain and in the testes. It has been shown in certain clinical trials to boost the testosterone level in the blood. It is not quite known why or how it does so, but unlike many other ingredients widely used in testosterone boosters, it has been clinically proven to do so – both in animal and human clinical tests.

This is important, as it means that you have at least one ingredient that does what it claims to do. By boosting testosterone levels, DAA can help improve muscle strength, boost energy levels and more. Indeed, as it is only natural that as men age so the production of testosterone becomes lower, DAA is one ingredient in supplements intended to keep older men fit, healthy and sexually potent.

In fact, D-aspartic acid is generally recommended primarily for men who are experiencing lower than usual testosterone production. For men who are producing testosterone at an acceptable level it has sometimes shown to be ineffective.

So, what evidence is there that DAA helps boost testosterone?

The Evidence Presented

In a clinical trial that was reported in the highly reputable Journal of Endocrinology and Reproductive Biology, DAA was given in small doses to a group of men over a period of 12 days. In that short time, their testosterone levels were proven to have increased by as much as 40%.

Furthermore, when they stopped taking DAA after twelve days, they lost as much as 10% of their testosterone production. Therefore, this trial concludes that DAA does indeed boost testosterone levels, and by quite a significant amount.

The action of D-aspartic acid on the body means that it is popular with bodybuilders, as it helps to build muscle mass. However, it is important to understand that it should only be used in small recommended doses, or as an ingredient in a testosterone boosting supplement.

Over-indulgence in DAA can lead to depression, skin problems, and other unwanted side-effects. Always follow the manufacturer instructions when taking any supplement or health product.

Should You Take DAA?

If you want to increase your testosterone levels – especially if you are an older man who is experiencing a lower than normal level of testosterone production – it is a clinically proven ingredient that will certainly help with the problem. Testosterone is essential for male health, so any boost is welcome.

You should look for a supplement that combines D-aspartic acid with other active ingredients known to help in the same are. These include zinc, magnesium, selenium, folic acid, Vitamin D and a number of others that are regularly found in the best health and body-building supplements.

The conclusion here is that DAA is one ingredient that does what it says on the packet, and if taken as part of a sensible supplement regime with a healthy diet, may well increase testosterone levels as proven in clinical tests.