When you hear pumpkin, the first thing that may come to your mind are all the beautiful fall delicacies, such as pies, soups, and lattes. The superfood vegetable is available all year round, allowing you to enjoy its health benefits whenever you want. When you’re devouring your favourite pumpkin snacks and meals, pumpkin for dogs can provide the same healthy benefits.

Pumpkins are rich in fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals but low in calories, fat, and sodium. The nutrients in pumpkins offer a range of health benefits for dogs, such as better digestion, a stronger immune system, and a shinier coat. Here is everything you need to know about pumpkins for your four-legged best friend.

Health Benefits of Pumpkin for Dogs

There are many benefits of incorporating additional supplements that offer a sufficient amount of vitamins and other essential nutrients to your dog’s diet.

Improved Digestion

If your dog has been dealing with digestive upset, the fibre in pumpkin can add bulk to your dog’s waste by absorbing water, allowing the prebiotic properties to regulate the growth of good bacteria in your dog’s intestines. Fibre fermentation produces beneficial fatty acids that stimulate intestinal sodium and water absorption while curbing the growth of harmful bacteria and lowering the large intestines’ pH level.

On the other hand, pumpkins can also relieve mild constipation in your canine, allowing them to pass through waste more easily. Pumpkin soothes a dog’s digestive system, helping them stay comfortable all day long.

Helps Maintain Weight

Whether you want to help your dog maintain its current weight or shed a few pounds, adding pumpkin to its diet is a great start. The fibre and additional water content in pumpkins keep your dogs full, preventing them from overeating, and it is also low in calories.

Immunity Boost

Vitamin C is an integral component of good immune health. Combined with vitamin A (beta-carotene), E, and other antioxidants found in pumpkin, it may help prevent certain cancers from developing in dogs. Antioxidants found in pumpkin can help destroy free radicals, or “oxidants,” in your pet’s system, as some oxidants in the body can damage the body or contribute to cancer.

Keeps Eyes Healthy

Like you, your furry friend also needs Vitamin A to maintain eye health. Vitamin A promotes better eye health and the development of night blindness and other eye degeneration. The zinc in pumpkins can also support retina development, allowing your canine to see you better!

How to Use Pumpkin for Dogs

You can feed your dog pumpkin in many different forms. But remember to be cautious about how much and how often you feed them pumpkins, as too much can be harmful. Find a healthy balance of consumption based on their breed, weight, age, and activity levels. Once you’ve figured that out, consider incorporating pumpkin into their diet with the following methods.

Use as a Food Topper

You can use plain canned pumpkin or pumpkin supplement to top your dog’s food for a nutrient boost or mix it into their food. Pumpkin pairs well with raw food, doubling its health benefits. Many pet owners prefer raw food for their dogs as it offers a range of benefits, such as a stronger immune system, a better digestive system, a shiner coat, and improved skin.

Bold by Nature offers a range of raw pet food in Ontario, allowing you to customize your dog’s meal based on their needs and taste. Once you’ve selected your desired meals, determine the amount of pumpkin to add to your canine’s meal based on their body weight. Bold by Nature offers pumpkin supplements that would complement your furry friend’s raw food and contribute to a better digestive system and overall good health.

Make Pumpkin Cookies

Mixed canned pumpkin with flour and unsweetened, natural peanut butter, and bake the mixture to create a crunchy treat for your furry friend.

Stuff it In a Kong

Stuff pumpkin into your dog’s Kong by itself or mix it with other dog-safe fruits, such as peanut butter or banana. Freeze it overnight and let your dog sniff the goodness the next day.

Try a Pumpkin Spice Latte

Let your dog enjoy a pumpkin spice latte as you sip on your yours. Create a dog-friendly pumpkin spice latte with canned pumpkin, light coconut milk or yogurt, and a dash of ground cinnamon.

Let Your Furry Friend Enjoy Pumpkin

Now that you know all about the health benefits of pumpkins for your canine and how to incorporate pumpkin into their diet add pumpkin to their diet and let them lick their bowls clean!