Detox beverages have always been a part of our lives. We depend on them a lot but with a huge unawareness about the ways through which they are prepared and the way they show the impact on our health systems. One should be conscious about what he/she is eating/drinking before they start including them in their diet. Out of many beverages, detox drinks and detox tea have a peculiar standout to be in the ‘most significant’ intakes for health.

What are Detox Drinks?

Detox drinks are those beverages which help in removing toxic material from the body. The toxic material isn’t so foreign to the body, but it comes along with food, drinks, and the contaminated air that we breathe in. In the meantime of digestion process, the body retains residues of foods which are quite harmful. They should only be removed but cannot be made disappear.

However, metabolic waste gets excreted through urination and feces regularly; it will never be purely eliminating the wastes from the body. They may also fight with white blood cells and other body cells; they retard our immune system in the process.

How Do They Help With Weight Loss?

You could take up a detox diet plan for the cleansing activity, to help remove heavy metals and toxins from your system, even if you are not obese. However, weight loss application is often the primary use of detox drinks. It will be easier to understand if you research fully some popular weight loss diets and products, and read reviews such as TRS Detox Reviews, to find out what is on offer and how they can help. In fact, there are even detox products that can be taken as sprays if drinks and smoothies are not your preferred form of detoxing! 

You can feel the effects on your body if continuously held for about 15 days’ time. With heavy consumption of detox juices, you won’t be losing weight more than what is required. The lost weight is entirely due to the elimination of unwanted waste/toxins in the body.

Importance of a detox cleanse diet:

  • Many of your sufferings are due to the attack of foreign bodies and outside atmosphere which are completely strange for the body’s immune system to tackle. To be safe and reliable, you must take helpful foods so that the body will be ready to face such problems.
  • The attacks might be on your weaker areas of health, headaches, nausea, bad breath, skin problems, constipation, etc. You just need to prevent them just through foods so that your immunity gets better each day.
  • The role of detox drinks in this scenario is irreplaceable. The cleansing could be done by powerful antioxidants and mineral-rich foods, for which the first answer will be found with a detox
  • Water is the universally accepted drink, and it cleanses out the toxins as much the body requires. Then what is the use of going the extra mile for the same purpose? Fruit juices added with detox cleanse agents can give as many nutrients as full-size meals can give you. With this, one can comfortably defend the health hazards themselves.
  • There is no harm in following a detox diet plan as it is completely safe for your health. There are no side effects either.
  • And as we have discussed, the work of detox drinks for weight loss is incredibly immense and efficient.
  • Inflammation reduction, skin health protection, enhancement of brain functioning are some more unique advantages of being on a detox diet plan.

Recipes of detox drinks

Now that we have gained some knowledge of what we have to eat for a detox cleanse, we shall observe some popular detox tea recipes and detox juice recipes so that they help you in preparing them on your own whenever you want.

Lemon Water Detox

There are plenty of ways lemons can be used in detox drinks. Lemon is known for its tremendous cleansing and anti-inflammatory properties. It is what makes the lemon core of all the natural therapies.

Lemon juice is known for its liver cleanse capabilities, which is the most outstanding quality and has not been covered by most of the other detox juices as far as detox cleanse is concerned.

Some sample lemon water detox recipes are mentioned here.

  1. Mint leaves, watermelon pieces, lime, and water.
  2. Cucumber, lemon juice, and water
  3. Rope maple syrup, lemon juice, cayenne powder
  4. Aloe vera gel and lemon juice
  5. Lemonade diet with Mango, Ginger

Mango, with its rich minerals and nutrients, provides the detox diet an exceptional property of improving the immune system strength.

Take one ginger root in lemon juice and let the detox properties of ginger get absorbed by the juice. Add mango pieces to the juice; have a tasty and peaceful detox juice.

Gooseberry Drink/Amla

Take a handful of Amla/Indian Gooseberry pieces with lemon slices, add mint leaves. Take this whole mix in some cold water. Add salt for taste.

The detox juice recipes work for blood purification and its antioxidant properties. This particular one, when included in a detox diet plan, gives adequate vitamins, aid healthy digestion, also.

Green Tea

This detox green tea works effectively for oxidative stress and blood pressure issues. Cholesterol control is another advantage with green tea.

Take green tea leaves in hot water, let it become warm and let the water absorb the green leaves’ nutrients. Drain the leaves. Your detox green tea is ready.

There are readymade green tea bags available in the market, which contain powder to be added to water and make a quick detox tea.

Turmeric Ginger Tea

Make note of the powerful health benefits of ginger before preparing this detox tea. Few of us may dislike the taste, but after reading the immense properties of ginger root, one should love it for life.

Turmeric is, of course, a universally accepted ingredient in any foods, particularly when a detox diet plan is considered. You will realize this if you look through Indian diets.

It’s not difficult to make your own ginger tea, just grab a ginger root and keep it in hot water for a while.