When trying to find products to consume Delta 8, you may search for online dispensaries or find the nearest organic CBD company. Most vendors have a huge variety of products laced with Delta 8, from the traditional CBD flower to the flavorful edibles such as Delta 8 gummies.

As an intro for a layman who has now heard about the notion of Delta 8 THC for the first time, we may say that Delta 8 is a sibling of Delta 9 THC. D9-THC, on the other hand, is a substance most of us are already familiar with.

Delta 9 THC, a psychoactive substance without a doubt, is the one compound responsible for getting us “high.” When it comes to D8-THC, we may say that this compound gets us somewhat half as high, in layman’s terms.

That’s because even though D8-THC and D9-THC differ only slightly (in a few atomic bonds), the effects they produce on the consumer are far more diverse. Consumers of D8-THC will be left with a much more mild experience, not risking experiencing bouts of paranoia.

After this concise introduction, you may have a better insight into what Delta 8 is. In the rest of this text, though, our focus will be only on Delta 8 gummies, their effects on the consumer, and whether you can safely give it to your pet to increase its appetite.

Delta 8 and Its Impact on Health

Numerous health conditions such as depression, sleep disorder, weight loss, and even chronic pain are said to be aided by Delta 8. Even though much more research has to be done in this field, many satisfied customers have written out lengthy reviews of Delta 8’s success.

Keep in mind that all the research was done on genuine oil, not yet on Delta 8 gummies. But Delta 8, which is extracted from hemp and cannabis plants, does interact with the endocannabinoid system and does show pain, anxiety, and inflammation alleviation.

Remember to always consult your doctor before usage because understanding an individual’s health condition beforehand is essential.

Can Delta 8 Increase Pet’s Appetite and How to Safely Give It to Them?

To answer the question right away, yes, Delta 8 can increase your pet’s appetite. Just like tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), Delta 8 is an appetite stimulant. For our purpose of understanding how Delta 8 makes you feel hungry, we have to discuss ECS (the Endocannabinoid System).

ECS, a system that regulates sleep, metabolism, mood, inflammation, pain, memory, and appetite, is a signaling system in each body. The receptor we are interested in is the CB1 receptor. This receptor regulates our appetite.

Delta 8 binds to the G-protein (cannabinoid protein), which is part of the CB1 receptor. Without further scientific analysis, it’s enough to know that in this way, we get increased appetite as a result.

When it comes to giving D8-THC to our pets, the same applies. The sensations your pet will feel are soothing for pain and uplifting for appetite.

Now, to safely give Delta 8 to your pet, you need some prep beforehand. Namely, finding the right dose may be harder than you think. There is a rule to use 0.1 milligrams of D8-THC for each pound of your pet’s weight.

We suggest doing this through gummies since next to tinctures (which you give to your pet by putting a few drops in its mouth), they are the best way to go. After all, they are edibles, and you can easily add them to any of your pet’s meals.

Facts About Delta 8 Gummies You Probably Didn’t Know About

The two most shocking facts about Delta 8 gummies most people are not aware of but should be are as follows:

  1. Delta 8 gummies are not addictive – here, the key lies in the fact that D8-THC blocks the neurological receptors which are related to opioids, deafening the symptoms causing addiction;
  2. Delta 8 gummies can counteract the negative effects of pure THC – since THC can lead to slurred speech, damaging of our motor functions, mood swings, etc., Delta 8 is the best fighter against these. It interacts with ECS, which is responsible exactly for these sensations. In turn, we get a return to the status quo, i.e., the status we had before consuming THC.

The Wrap Up

To point out the purpose of our text in short, yes, Delta 8 gummies are effective in the appetite enhancement of your pet. And yes, with the right info at hand, you can safely give it to them. The key is just finding the right dosage, which we have mentioned.

Since D8-THC collaborates with ECS, understanding this system is also important. We hope you are now equipped with the right info, understand the ECS a little better, and will consider Delta 8 gummies in your pet’s diet. Good luck!