Social isolation is a common problem for seniors today, especially if they’re physically-abled. It is common to trigger detrimental health impacts and often have results like fatal conditions like falls, dementia, hospitalization, and more.

If you have an elderly at home or you know one, you must find ways to make their life happy. Here are some ideas to take care of the elderly.

Address incontinence issues

Elderly people often have incontinence issues and could be hesitant to leave their home. A family needs to address this through medication and promote the social potential of the individual. They must also be free from social embarrassment or fear.

Encourage positive body image

You must give compliments to elders to boost their self-esteem. Many look at their aging appearance and might become self-conscious. It often makes them avoid social interaction so one must always be sensitive and make them feel beautiful the way they are.

Have meals together

Eating with people is inherently social so try to call in relatives and friends for meals. You can call in your church group for a Sunday brunch. The feeling of togetherness makes them feel warm and welcoming.

Frequent ear and eye tests

Seniors who go undiagnosed with hearing or eyesight conditions can find it tough to communicate. It can also embarrass them, and can become the main barrier against having a social life. Problems related to eyesight can limit opportunities, social interactions, and so on. Keep a check on these so that they can communicate properly.

Maintain religious practices

Seniors who are faithful or regular churchgoers must be taken to their holy place every time they want to. It not only boosts their social connection but also keeps their heart content. Research has shown that this can increase life expectancy and keep the elderly free from stress or sadness. Some places offer additional care for seniors and give time to their religious needs.

Give them something to take care

Senior considerations like Skylark Home Care encourage seniors to take care of something or others. People who take care of the elderly at home must practice this too. This practice makes them feel that they’re still doing something constructive even when they can’t work.

Many people post-retirement go through a state of depression by being out of work. They tend to feel unimportant and worthless. Doing things like gardening, cooking, and stitching, not only passes the time but also keeps them occupied. They feel happy, worthwhile, and want to do more.

Spread love

There is nothing better than showing love and affection for older adults. When they start feeling worthless, they might think that there are no reasons to love them anymore. Sharing a friendly relationship and showing affection by giving a simple hug can relieve their stress and loneliness.

Support people who lost someone they love

One of the most painful emotions is when the elderly suffer losing someone they love. As we grow old, we got closer to the inevitable truth of death. If a loved person passes away related to the elderly in your home, he/she will be heartbroken. It is essential to give them time, space, and make them feel a sense of belonging to cope up with the pain.

Find isolated elderly

An exciting way to engage the elderly in some fun and happy times is to find someone like them. Many seniors seek friendship as they too are lonely. A care home is the best place where you can help your parents or grandparents meet more people like themselves. They make new friendships, share life experiences, and eliminate depressive emotions.

Help them learn technology

Depending on the condition the older adult is, you can try and introduce technology to them. With Smartphone’s, they can now watch movies, listen to music, and even hear audiobooks. Making these features accessible for them to use or assisting them to have such perks can keep them happy.

Listen to things they want

The last stage is known as second-childishness. Many seniors start behaving like children at this stage, and they make demands that you often cannot fulfill. For example, they might want to eat something that the doctor asked you not to serve. They might want to go out even when they have a swollen feet.

You need to understand what you can allow and cannot recognize. If they want to eat something, you can give them a small snack that won’t do much harm. Listening to them makes them happy and hearty.

Promote a sense of purpose

As people start getting old, they lose meaning in life. They have a set of achieved and unachieved goals, and they know they’ve done what they could. At such a stage, you need to understand what kind of purpose you can instill in them. It makes them feel worthwhile and adds more days to their life.

Help out a caregiver

If you’re not a caregiver but are a family member or relative to someone who is caring for the elderly, note that they need care too. These people work extremely hard to keep the elderly a priority and think about themselves later.

A caregiver dedicates their life to people who need their support and their lives pretty much revolve around the elderly. They might be nurses, emotional supports, professionals, and so on. You must try and be there for a caregiver you know so that they have someone to depend on as well.

Final thoughts

Taking care of people who once took care of you is a privilege, and we must do what it takes for them. Even the smallest efforts matter so never think twice before helping out an elderly. Try to fulfill their demands and always be close to them.

If you’re looking for expert help, you can turn to professional caregivers and senior care homes. These are the perfects places where the elderly can get affection, make friends, stay busy, and add life to days!