Smoothies are a delicious and refreshing way to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your diet. Whether you’re looking for a quick breakfast or a post-workout snack, smoothies can be a convenient and healthy option. However, not all smoothies are created equal. Many store-bought smoothies and homemade recipes can be loaded with sugar and calories, making them less than ideal for those watching their weight. In this article, we will share some delicious low-calorie smoothie recipes that will help you stay on track with your health goals without sacrificing flavor or nutrition. Get ready to fall in love with these guilt-free low calorie smoothie recipes that are sure to become a staple in your healthy eating routine.

1. Cinnamon Apple Smoothie

Just reading the two primary ingredients of this smoothie and you will know that this is low in calories. Cinnamon is a great antioxidant as it has a high orac value. It is also rich in taste as cinnamon works as a spice in many food recipes. On the other hand, apples are good for the lungs as this fruit promotes your repertory system. To do this smoothie, you will need two teaspoons of cinnamon, an apple, ice and a packet of stevia. You’ll also have to blend in six ounces of non-fat Greek yogurt.

2. Ashitaba and Banana Smoothie

Ashitaba comes from the family of celery and is considered as a miracle plant. Banana is a tropical fruit that you can buy from the local market. Adding them together will be mouthwateringly yummy. Get about three to four leaves from the ashitaba plant and one banana. You don’t have to add sugar because you would already taste the natural sweetness of the banana. In addition, because ashitaba can fight against diabetes, you don’t have to consume lots of medicine for diabetes. This herb is known to control blood sugar level with its chalcones or yellow sap inside the stems. Add in one-fourth cup of non-fat Greek yogurt.

3. Berries and Beets Smoothie

This smoothie is best to make during summer season. The choice of which berries of add can be completely up to you. The taste would most likely be delicious all the same. For the purpose of recommendation, get one cup of fresh blueberries and a half cup of frozen raspberries. Cook one-third cup of sliced beets. Add in one-half cup of non-fat Greek yogurt to make it thick.

4. Lettuce and Nuts Smoothie

Solve slow digestion and keep your brain active with the lettuce and nuts smoothie. Each cup is composed of 30 grams of healthy monounsaturated fatty acids. Just make the smoothie with two cups of butter lettuce, one-half cup of almonds, one inch ginger, one teaspoon of cinnamon, and one-half cup of sweet potato. If you want more taste, feel free to add one orange or pear. This smoothie will get you moving through the day and keep you mentally strong.


Smoothies can serve to replace meals and make you feel full. Each of these suggested smoothie recipes contain a range of 200 to 250 calories. Drinking low-calorie drinks does not always have to mean drinking bland flavors. Create your own smoothie concoctions through a blender at home can do the trick. Now that you are armed with great ideas to start your healthy drinks, allow yourself to cut back in calories and fats and be engrossed with taking drinks that are ideally be high in nutrients and packed with vitamins, minerals and other micronutrients important for good health. Alternatives to non-fat Greek yogurt are: soy milk, coconut water, almond milk, vanilla rice milk, oat milk and rice milk. These all supply low calories and valuable nutrition.

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Ianna Reign Stevenson is a professional writer based in London, England. She is a young mother of a 3 year old toddler and a working mom on the lookout for the medicine for diabetes for her since she is experiencing the pre-diabetes stage. Connect with her on Twitter.