Golf is a little different than many other sports. There is a lot of walking involved and it is a fairly quiet activity. So, you might ask, what are the health benefits of golfing? The pros at Golf Simulator Buddy were able to shed light on the subject and help us see all of the benefits of golfing.


The first benefit that we want to talk about is the walking factor of golfing. As long as you do not rely on a golf cart the entire time you play, you can get a lot of steps in. It has been reported that taking 250 steps an hour is excellent for your heart health, adding up to at least 10,000 steps a day. Walking might not be as much cardio as other activities, but it will improve your heart, blood flow, and even help with your brain stimulation. 

Weight Control

When you are more active, you will have better luck at maintaining your weight. If you are going from sitting regularly to golfing, you might even see some weight loss. When you play 18 holes, you will typically be spending 4 to 5 hours on the course, which adds up to a lot of exercise. Paired with a healthy diet, golf can help you maintain a healthy weight or lost a few pounds.

Better Sleep

Sleep has been linked to many different health concerns, and it is so important for how you feel throughout the day. When you have been out on a course for half of the day, you are more likely to fall asleep quicker and stay asleep for longer than you would have if you had not golfed throughout the day. Sleep will also help with your brain function and weight control

Social Interaction

Social relationships are part of the human experience. We need to have some kind of interaction with people to maintain our mental health. Since you will be with people who share a similar interest in golfing, the relationships are more likely to be valuable than they would have been in another circumstance. It is also a great way to build business relationships and network. Since you spend so many hours together, it would be easy to close deals or grow business relationships when you are out on the green.

Mental Health

Your mental health can also get a boost from golfing. Physical exercise alone will help you with endorphins and serotonin and you will feel better after playing. Golfing can also help with self-esteem and self-confidence. Being outside is refreshing as well and can help you reset your state of mind. In addition to the happy chemicals in your brain, you will also find that you feel less stressed when you golf. This is a combination of exercise, quiet, and patience, allowing your mind to rest and reduce your overall stress level.

Better Focus

You will also be exercising your brain along with your body. Since golf requires so much focus and concentration, these are skills that you will beginning practicing and improving upon regularly. This is likely to reduce your risk of a cognitive decline as you age. In fact, if you can work on your focus and concentration skills long before you age, you might be able to avoid it altogether. These skills will carry over into other areas of your life as well. You will be able to see how much better you can focus when you are at work, reading, or doing any other activity that might require you to stretch your brain.


The final health benefit that we want to mention is that golfing can increase your longevity. Since golf reduces stress, improves and builds human relationships, and keeps your body moving, you are more likely to stay younger for longer. The more that your body can keep moving, the better off that you will be.