Himalayan salt lamps have been increasing in popularity around the world. There is a likelihood you have seen offers on billboards or social media as this trend is associated with increased advertisements advocating for the benefits of salt lamps. Salt lamps have always been found in some homes, but the renewed focus on them is making the salt lamps significant pieces to have in any home. Many people realize that Himalayan salt lamps have plenty of environmental and health benefits.

People will choose to have salt lamps in their homes for different reasons. The variety of applications and benefits of Himalayan salt lamps is a factor contributing to the rising popularity of Himalayan salt lamps installations in homes. Despite the many benefits of Himalayan salt lamps, there are a couple of risk factors and warning signs that you need to know. Not only do Himalayan salt lamps have risk factors, but they can also be faked. Hence, a knowledge of the difference between the fake and original Himalayan salt lamps is essential to enjoy the full benefits.

A Brief Background On Himalayan Salt Lamps

Himalayan Salt lamps are usually crafted from chunks of red Himalayan pink salt. The interior is sculpted-in for placing an incandescent light source or heat source inside.

Pink Himalayas is a beautiful salt rock in the Himalaya Mountains of Pakistan. This is also why, for starters, a basic warning sign for you to check that you’ve got an original Himalayan salt lamp is to check that it comes from Pakistan. Otherwise, you may be bringing home a fake lamp. They’re so popular that people use it as a part of their everyday life.

This pink salt is very rare. It is mined only in the most remote regions of the Himalayas, as it has a variety of minerals in it. However, this natural mineral does not have any color, which is why they have called it “The Rock of Pink”. It’s considered to be the most sought-after rocks, along with other important healing crystals in the world.

Many salt rocks have a very strong smell when it’s mined. But there’s no such smell in Himalayan salt rocks. This smell is believed to be produced by the smell of sulfur and sulfur compounds.

The pink stone is a sedimentary rock, meaning it accumulates a layer of sediment over time. As the sedimentation takes place, the rock gets compressed and crystallizes into layers. Each layer consists of different minerals. Some layers of this pink salt contain sulfate while others contain carbonates and phosphate, among others.

Many people prefer Himalayan salt rocks because of its beauty and unique and attractive composition, making it perfect for decorating your home.

Why Looking for Genuine Himalayan Salt Lamps is Essential

 A fake Himalayan salt lamp will have the same appearance as an original, but with a few simple tips, you will find it easy to spot the warning signs of a fake. A genuine Himalayan salt lamp has numerous benefits. 

  • They are used for decorative purposes

First, the salt lamps can be utilized for decorative purposes due to their different shades and their natural light. 

  • They help balance electromagnetic radiation

Apart from the aesthetic value that the salt lamp offers, there are other benefits. Causing a balance of electromagnetic radiation is one of these benefits. This is important because an individual is regularly exposed to electromagnetic radiation from the devices they own. Hence, the Himalayan salt lamps are crucial as they prevent static buildup. 

  • They help purify the air

Additionally, Himalayan salt lamps are vital for purifying the air, which will help individuals with breathing problems. These lamps release negative ions that filter the foreign particles in the environment creating clean air passages.

  • They provide health benefits

Installation of Himalayan salt lamps in every room will ensure that allergies are reduced. The salt lamps also alleviate the symptoms of the common cold and other breathing problems such as coughing. This benefit is achieved by the negative ions that the Himalayan salt lamp release into the room, which is responsible for blocking the foreign materials in the air. Thus, these foreign materials are unable to make it to the lungs.

Himalayan salt lamps have also been credited with boosting blood flow which ensures that vascular disorders in an individual’s system do not have a considerable impact on their health. 

Other benefits of using the Himalayan salt lamps include that they boost energy levels and are associated with enhancing mood, reducing stress, and improving the sleep of the occupants in the room with salt lamps.

  • They Pull In Particles

These lamps are nice and very healthy to have in a home because they pull in allergens, toxins, and pollutants directly to their surface. Users of Himalayan salt lamps swear by its ability to act as a natural air purifier, making homes feel a lot cleaner than they may have previously been without the lamps. It has become a part of their daily pursuit of a healthier lifestyle.

Himalayan Salt Lamp Warning Signs to Watch Out For

Part of the main reason why Himalayan salt lamps give warning signs is because many are fake. Poor maintenance of the Himalayan salt lamps may also lead to some warning signs that may indicate that the lamps are deteriorating at a quick pace. Knowing these warning signs is crucial if you intend to have Himalayan salt lamps in your home. Keeping note of these warnings and all the precautions will keep you and your family safe.

The Salt Lamp that Does Not Come with a UL Certified Cord

One warning sign is that your salt lamp does not come with a UL certified cord. This creates a fire hazard risk as the dimmer switch could ignite. Without UL approved lighting, inferior electrical equipment is a real possibility. Secondly, if you have old Himalayan salt lamps, you should check for UL certification. While this new certification is a requirement for more unique versions of the Himalayan salt lamps, most of the old salt lamps may not have this requirement. Checking the dimmer switches on these old salt lamps can be the difference between a safe and hazardous environment.

 The Position of the Light Bulb

Another critical warning sign is the position of the light bulb. The light bulb should not make contact with the crystal salt lamps. If there is contact, the moisture can drip on the wiring, and this may lead to shorting. This is a possibility in poor models that are not authentic. People that try and save just a few dollars and get fake salt lamps, usually pay a higher price in the long term. These cheap salt lamps do not have any benefits, and they are a potential fire hazard. Replacing a blown light bulb is a task that should be handled with care as it creates an opportunity for an error. Hence, following a replacement guide is essential and gets rid of most risks.

Salt Lamps Warning for Kids

Rock salt lamps are just as beneficial to children as they are to adults. However, there are several precautions that one needs to observe to ensure that children are safe at home.

The weight of the salt lamps makes them easy to topple. This is especially true when considering where the children play. Hence, the positioning of the salt lamps is crucial as some crystal salt lamps can weigh more than 20 pounds. The positioning of the rock salt lamps should be such that they are out of the reach of small children. If salt lamps are poorly positioned, then you can incur a dangerous injury to your children. Fake salt lamps will usually have small bases making it easy for them to topple. You should watch out for the phony salt lamps by looking at obvious warnings. Even though the salt lamps are not toxic to children, they may endanger pets such as cats. Salt to cats can be quite dangerous, and thus, one should consider these possibilities.

How to Spot a Fake Rock Salt Lamp?

It is important to spot fake salt lamps because they usually have inferior electrical wiring, which can lead to potential hazards. Spotting a fake salt lamp for an uninitiated eye can be very hard. However, with the right tips, you will find it easy to spot a genuine rock salt lamp.

1. Extra Brightness is a Clear warning sign

One way that you can easily spot a fake Himalayan salt lamp is if it is way too bright. Large salt lamps will not have regular patterns of light. Hence, bright lights from such a salt lamp is an obvious sign that the crystal salt lamp is fake. The light from the salt lamps should appear natural as opposed to being a main source of light in the rooms. Regardless of the shape of the authentic Himalayan salt lamps, they will have huge dark spots that prevent regular emission of light.

2. Sweating of the Salt Lamps 

Sweating of the salt lamps is an indication that they are genuine. If your rock salt lamp does not sweat even on humid days, this is an indication the product is fake. Despite this increased level of sweating in humid days, you can expect salt lamps to last for decades. The price of the Himalayan salt lamps is another indicator of whether it is fake or genuine. White Himalayan salt lamps are usually quite expensive and range upwards of $70 to $90. If you obtain white rock salt lamps weighing more than 6kg for less than the mentioned price, then there is a high chance the product is fake.

The composition of the Himalayan salt lamp is also a way in which you can spot a fake salt lamp. This is because their composition of natural salt makes them easy to break. If your salt lamps have survived high falls without any dents, chances are you have a fake product with no health benefits. While breaking the salt lamps is not advised, breaking some pieces of the salt lamps is a way to detect a fake salt lamp. Furthermore, if you do not experience the benefits of the Himalayan salt lamps, then the salt lamps may be fake. If you still get allergic reactions and are still coughing, then it is time to rethink your choice of the salt lamp. The benefits that the salt lamp provides are easy to detect, and if you are experiencing none of them, your salt lamp could be fake.

3. Is Your Pink Himalayan Salt Lamp Not Fragile?

It is a clear alarming sign if your lamp seems overly strong. Pink Himalayan salt lamps are quite fragile items and one way to detect a fake one is if it is very durable. Additionally, the pink rock salt lamps will have a strong return policy simply because they are too fragile. If a seller is not flexible about their refunds, then it means that the salt lamps may be fake. Pink crystal salt lamps often fail to make it through shipping due to their fragile nature. Hence, merchants selling genuine pink salt lamps will be aware of this and will offer flexible return terms. If you have tried to chip away a small material of the salt lamp without success, then there is a high chance that the product is fake.

See the Stamp While Choosing the Best Salt Lamps 

Once you confirm that the Himalayan salt lamps you are dealing with are genuine, the next question is, which is the best salt lamp is for you. This is a question whose answer will depend on what you are looking for. This is because there are plenty of choices when dealing with Himalayan salt lamps. Whether it is the color of the salt lamps, the shape, or even the base of these salt lamps, there are many choices that are determined by your preferences. The size of the Himalayan salt lamps you choose will also be determined not just by your preference but also your room size. If you see a stamp under the salt lamp saying “Made in Pakistan” they are 100% real and directly from Khewera Mines in Pakistan.

While one size is reasonable for one person, another person may not define this as the best salt lamp based on their needs. As long as the salt lamp you choose is genuine, you will get to enjoy plenty of benefits. The best salt lamp is thus a genuine salt lamp that complements your home both in terms of design and benefits.

Maintaining Your Himalayans Salt Lamps

One of the easiest ways to maintain the salt lamp is by leaving them on all the time if possible. This process is self-cleaning, and the heat from the lamp will prevent the moisture absorption by the lamp. Cleaning of the salt lamp should be done using a damp cloth. You should first switch the salt lamp off before beginning to clean. You should also brush off the excess crystals from the salt lamp if the product is left out in the sunlight for more than three days. You should also avoid placing the Himalayan salt lamp in water as this could be devastating to the durability of the salt lamps. Specific care instructions are also available for specific Himalayan salt lamps. Contacting your merchant regarding the necessary instructions for your Himalayan salt lamp is essential.

Purchase Himalayan Salt Lamps Online 

Purchasing the best salt lamps in the online marketplace can be somewhat challenging. This challenge is because the online marketplace is characterized by sellers with scamming intentions. This online setup also makes it easy for even an experienced individual to purchase fake salt lamps. Hence, knowledge about genuine online sellers is crucial.

Fab Glass and Mirror is an online seller that does more than just sell you Himalayan salt lamps. The online seller ensures that you get the best salt lamps and also the necessary information to maintain the product. Fab Glass and Mirror is dedicated to fast deliveries as well as customizing the Himalayan salt lamps to your desired preference.

We recommend you to buy Fab Glass and Mirror salt lamps because they are 100% authentic and directly from Khewera Mines in Pakistan. Before you decide to buy salt lamps from online sellers, you should first verify that they are genuine. One way of doing this is by looking at customer reviews as well as the number of deliveries the seller has made.

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