Summer is flying by, but there’s still plenty of time to get outside and enjoy the nice weather. If you’re stuck for ideas, United Sport & Cycle can help! We’re here with 5 great summer activity ideas that can get you outside and active during the dog days of Summer!

  1. Paddleboarding: One of the best ways to beat the heat is to get out on a body of water! Whether that’s a lake by your cabin, or the North Saskatchewan River, there’s never been a better time to start paddleboarding. It combines the relaxing energy of a casual river ride with the great workout you can get from canoeing or kayaking. It’s a versatile activity as well – we sell different addons for paddleboards so that you can use them while sitting down if you’re not quite comfortable with balancing upright for the whole afternoon.
  2. Spikeball: If you’re looking for something on dry land, spikeball might just be your game. You can play in teams or as a free for all, but either way, you’ll be getting a great workout with some good friends! The thrill of diving to keep the ball alive after a last second dive is well worth the potential grass stains.  It’s also important to know that spikeball is a very adaptable game. You can buy sets that glow in the dark so you can play at night and sets that float so you can play in the water. Wherever you choose to play, spikeball is sure to deliver an afternoon of fun and memories!
  3. Beach volleyball: A timeless beach classic, volleyball is a must play whenever you’re at the beach. A casual game can be a great way to get your kids active if they’re not huge sports fans – as the thrill of chasing down the ball before it hits the ground is universal! The net can be set up in many different places as well, so if you want it to become a fixture in your backyard, you can!
  4. Crossnet: Volleyball, with a twist! This game takes volleyball and mixes it up by allowing 4 players to play at once. Each player gets their own quadrant to defend – either in teams of 2 or as a free for all. This game is a great way to change up a day at the beach for volleyball lovers and can also provide a fun way to hone your skills in the offseason! On top of all that, it’s also a very versatile game much like spikeball – as you can buy variants to play in the water or indoors if the weather isn’t cooperating.
  5. Cornhole: For anyone who wants a more laidback summer games experience, cornhole is perfect! There’s no better game to relax to after a summer barbecue. Even if you’re not the most accurate, you can still have a great time with family and friends. Grab a cool beverage, gather around, and see who’s the most accurate at the barbecue!

While these are 5 great summer activities, we have plenty more on offer at United Sport & Cycle! We have a summer activities that can be played by anyone, anywhere! Shop us in store or online to find out more!