If you’re like most people, you probably find it hard to make time to do as much exercise as you need to. Signing up for a gym sounds like a good start, but it can be a bit of a drag once you realize how much time it takes to get there and back every day. But it doesn’t have to be so time consuming to fit in a top-class workout.

More and more people are converting rooms and garages into personal gyms. Garages are the perfect spot for a well-sized, home-based gym. You can put one together for a fraction of the cost of an annual gym membership.

Here are three tips to transform your garage into a personal gym.

It’s All About the Interior

Start the transformation with flooring. You can simply install gym mats to protect your concrete flooring and for added comfort when doing floor exercises. Put up some wall decorations to make it seem less like a garage and more like a personal space. If you have nice, private view, you can open your garage door for a one-with-the-nature experience. The more inviting you make your garage gym, the more likely you are to spend time in it. It’s all about incentivizing yourself to get a good workout in.

Creative Door, garage door and garage door opener experts in Calgary, recommends a garage door with a high insulation rating to ensure that the temperature inside the garage is regulated, and will not be impacted by the outside weather.

Look for Second-Hand Gear

Once you have your interior sorted out, it’s time to get the gear you need to build the perfect garage. Thousands of people buy gym equipment every year and then never end up using it. This means that there are plenty of opportunities to pick up cheap, used gym equipment on the buy and sell market.

If you head online to websites like Kijiji or even Facebook Market, it’s extremely easy to find all the equipment you need to make the perfect home gym. Look for the exact type of workout gear you would typically use in the gym. You want to make sure to have everything you need to get a complete body workout.

Hire an Online Personal Trainer

Modern technology means you can access personal trainers using the internet and online gym classes from the comfort of your home. By installing a T.V. screen and sound system in your garage, you’ll make it easy to follow pre-recorded workout classes like the ones Ultimate Performance, personal trainers in Los Angeles, offers. You can even livestream a personal trainer on the big screen if you want to!

This will also allow you to play your workout gym. It’s the perfect way to make your personal gym feel like the real thing.

Make the Commitment

If you’re going to build a personal gym at home, make a commitment to get the most out of it. Invest time in creating a gym that you’ll enjoy using. If you can commit to a certain level of exercise every day, it will definitely be worth the small upfront investment.

If you’re too busy to make it to the gym after work every day, this is the perfect way to stay healthy.