There are countless supplements that can benefit women of all ages. For example, taking supplements in your 20s can help your body receive the proper nutrients needed when you may be not giving what it needs through food and diet. Once you get to your 30s, then your body needs an entirely different set of nutrients and vitamins. You may be giving it the diet that it needs, along with more vitamins and nutrients than ever, but your body at this age also needs special treatment. 

Why Supplements?

There are many reasons to take supplements nowadays. It may seem as though the supplement market is oversaturated, but there are certain supplements that aid our health and can help stop the process of aging (or make us look better at least!) 

With foods being over-processed and many added artificial ingredients being added into a lot of our food products nowadays, combined with all of the detriments of GMOs and various new farming methods that actually decrease the number of vitamins and nutrients in our foods, then we are getting fewer nutrients overall – no matter how many fruits and veggies that we consume. 

This may seem bleak, but our bodies are adapting to this new food system. But this is what is causing a great need for added vitamins and nutrients in our bodies. 

What to Take

Women in their 30s need very specific nutrients along with a good old fashioned multi-vitamin. Listed here are some of the important supplements for women to take in their 30s:


Collagen is an ideal supplement because it works to give your skin the glow back that it may have lost over the years of aging. With the loss of collagen in our skin as we get older, then wrinkles and fine lines find their way onto our faces. Collagen supplements, such as hydrolysed bovine collagen powder, work to add more collagen to our bodies in order to stop new wrinkles from forming. Other benefits include fresher skin, better sleep, and even better digestion and gut health. 

Folic Acid 

Another vital supplement for women to take in their 30s is folic acid. This can be taken with a prenatal vitamin, a multivitamin, or even on its own. Folic acid is of utter importance because it can aid your body in growing and repairing new cells. It also works to prevent some birth defects and even helps to prevent miscarriage. 

Vitamin D 

This is the sunshine vitamin. It can be obtained through your skin with about 15 minutes of sunshine hitting your skin per day without sunscreen. Deficiency is quite common with the advent of offices, working all day, and sunscreen. That’s why supplements are very important as vitamin D works to support your heart and can help your body be able to absorb calcium better. 

As you can see, these were just a few of the most vital supplements that women in their 30s should be taking regularly. There are many options out there for all of these vitamins and finding high-quality ones is very important.