The best way you can improve your running performance is through consistent training. Logging the miles and putting in hard work is the only way you will get as good as you want to be. However, most runners are impatient and want to see change and improvement within days. The thought of waiting for months to see any improvement can be disheartening. If you want to be a faster and healthier runner, here are a few tips on how you can achieve that.

Set Your Goals and Work on Them 

If you want to be a better runner, you will have to know what exactly it is that you want. In other words, what exactly do you want to improve? Is it your speed? Is it your endurance? Or the time you spend on the track? Whatever goals you have, you need to know them. That way, you will know what you are working for and how you will achieve it. When reaching for that final aim, you will need to complete certain milestones. Break down your goal into milestones so that you can track your progress and keep the motivation high.

Track Your Progress 

Thanks to technology, tracking your progress as a runner has become pretty easy. Today’s sport tech gadgets like the GPS running watch can help you improve your running endurance, pace, and navigation. Not only does it help you manage your time well, but a GPS running watch helps you know your location in a breeze so you can navigate your route better. This makes it crucial to ensure that when choosing a GPS running watch, you know the features to look for and things to consider. Not all GPS watches for runners are the same. A good running watch will have a wide range of useful features, including the following:

  • Touch screen
  • Waterproof construction
  • Auto-sync
  • Auto tracking
  • Workout history
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Burnt calories
  • Navigational features

Make the Treadmill Your Friend 

As mentioned earlier, becoming that good runner you want to be will take your effort. You have to condition your body and mostly your legs to sustain that speed you want to gain. The treadmill running best assists in making that leg turnover you want to have. Its effectiveness is its ability to push you to speeds you can’t get yourself to on the track. The power to increase this is at your fingertips. Spending more time on the treadmill ensures that your legs are turned over and tuned to those of the type of runner you want to be. So, psyche up, make the treadmill your friend, and see the results.

Keep the Pace Up

The body will always go as far as the mind is ready to push it to. If you want to become better, you will have to push your limits and beat your comfort zone. Alternating between jogs and sprints helps you gradually build up speed and endurance. While doing so, ensure you can track your progress, as explained earlier.

Drink Water

A race car will always require being full-on gas at all times if it’s going to finish any race. For you, as a runner, keeping your body hydrated at all times is very important if you wish to run better. However, humans are not camels, so we can’t store water in our bodies for use later. What is required of us is drinking water at the right time. Drinking too much will only cause you to need more bathroom breaks when running. Staying hydrated is important as a runner.

Work Out Your Core

Stronger core muscles are crucial in allowing runners to tap into more force when on the track. The stronger the core muscles, especially the lower abs, the better your athletic performance will be. A 15-minute core workout for a few days per week is essential in helping one speed up and build on endurance on the track. It also helps strengthen the spine, which safeguards it during strenuous exercises. It also enhances the running economy – the energy needed in maintaining a consistent speed when running.

Stretch Daily 

Becoming a better runner is all about exercising and conditioning your body to whatever goals you have. Exercising shortens a person’s muscle; this tends to decrease their mobility. Stretching is crucial as it ensures the muscles are flexible and have full range mobility and the joints. As a runner, it is crucial to stretch daily. It is advisable that even before you stretch, you warm up a bit. Muscles respond better to stress after they have been warmed up.

Becoming a better runner requires that you train smartly with your goals in mind. Being smart about your training is what will get you to that final goal you have in mind. Following the tips listed above, you will help you achieve this goal. Don’t forget to arm yourself with the right running shoes and gear.