Safety razors offer the best outcome in a close shaving exercise. The most used safety razor will come with a double edge, and inexpensive razors all made from quality materials. The aggressiveness and the superior cut that these razors offer is one of the reasons why they are the perfect choice for those who want to shave conservatively.

The safety razor you want to buy will determine the outcome of your close shaves. The sheer number of razors makes it hectic when you want to pick one that fits your preferences. The huge array of best safety razor brands isn’t a guarantee that any piece you choose randomly will work for you. It’s important to do some research and identify tested and proven razors that come with a reputation. The best approach is to use the razor’s construction and performance as your benchmark.

Safety razors can be disposable, double edged straight or safety based. Even though you choose a double edge razor shaver consider its weight, balance handle and ergonomics. For instance, you need to assess the weight and pick the balance between a light and a heavyset razor. If it’s too light, you may be forced to press it down too hard, and if it’s too heavy, the weight may bear down and it could lead to nasty cuts or nicks.

The razor’s balance and the length of the handle play into the picture although it depends on the size of your hand.


Buying a safety razor leads to your budget. You need to assess the amounts you are willing to splurge. It’s advisable to spend on a razor that will fit with your needs. The good thing is that you don’t have to spend too much since there are quality safety razors that are reasonably priced. As a beginner, you can try using the disposable types that are inexpensive. As you hone your skill with the disposable types, you can then choose a better option that will last as long as the build is of excellent quality.

Handle Length

​One aspect that requires personal preference is the handle length. The length you pick needs to come with a guarantee of comfort. Nobody wants to spend on a shorthanded razor that will make shaving a nightmare. If your hands are big enough, consider an extra length. Always make sure that you test handle the razors before you pay for them.

Safety Bar or Open Comb​

​A safety bar razor comes with the razor shielded behind a barrier to ensure you don’t cut yourself. The open comb razor comes with an exposed blade edge, but secured behind small comb like prongs. This guides the hairs into the blade. If you are beginning out, you can pick the safety bar razor. It you hone your skill, the open comb razor will suffice and you can enjoy the close shave perfectly.

Razor Aggressiveness

​Razor aggressiveness denotes the possibility that you can cut yourself when shaving. It’s crucial that you determine what aggressiveness stands for especially in an open comb razor. The angle of the blade and its gap will determine whether you nick yourself, although you shouldn’t worry if you have the right handle length and some razor handling skills. As a newbie, choose safety razors that come with a reduced aggressiveness. It’s the pros who can work comfortably with aggressive razors that expose more blades.


​The weight of your preferred safety razor goes with your tastes. Some brands will offer light weight options while others have heavy razors. If you find heavy razors more comfortable and efficient, follow your tastes.

Take Home Tips on Safety Razors

The dizzying array of safety razors can discourage a newbie from purchasing one. However, it’s easy if you know the kind of shaving experience you are after and your expertise. Don’t worry too much about the price, if you haven’t settled on razor weight, handle length and how easy you want to be switching blades.

A professional safety razor barber will tell you that you need the ergonomics and a textured grip for complete razor control. Read safety razor reviews and don’t start with the expensive type of razor. Quality comes at a price, but its better if you spend small at first and push it up as you polish your shaving skills.