We all experience a shift in emotions. Moods like anger, joy, and sadness are things we all feel. However, some people may discover that their mood is all over the place. One minute, they’re feeling very happy. Then the next, they’re feeling sad for seemingly no reason. Others may have a reason behind their mood swings but might notice their mood changing very frequently.

Below are some signs that you should have your mood swings looked at by a professional as it may signify a deeper, underlying issue like Bipolar Disorder.

Your Mood Swings are Affecting Relationships

It’s normal for our bad mood, for instance, to rub off on other people. Sometimes we might come home from work in a bad mood, and it ends up triggering an argument between you and your significant other.

When your mood swings are negatively impacting your romantic and platonic relationships frequently, however, this is a sign that it may be something worth getting evaluated. The last thing you’d want is to permanently damage every relationship and friendship in your life as a result of untreated mood swings.

You Have Sudden Strong Urges

Do you frequently experience very strong urges out of the blue as a result of a shift in mood? You may have a sudden urge to cry, end your life, have unprotected intercourse with a stranger, or sell your house and move out of state just ‘cause. Urges can be intense and hard to control, even if you don’t actually act on them, and can signify a serious mood disorder.

You’re Sleeping a Lot More or Less

For the most part, people tend to sleep around the same amount of time each night. If they lack sleep one night, they might make up for it the next day. Experiencing a significant increase or decrease in the amount of sleep you’ve been getting lately, though, along with mood swings, might point to a mood disorder like depression or bipolar.

You Engage in Risky Behaviors

It’s one thing to have urges, but it’s another disaster to actually follow through and engage in risky behaviors as a result of having urges. You may find yourself suddenly starving yourself or overeating, binge drinking, working out excessively, spending large sums of money, quitting your job for no apparent reason, or gambling your life savings away.

When you’re engaging in risky behaviors like the latter, your mood swings might be more than just general moodiness. These risky actions can be completely life changing for the worst. You might find yourself in a financial pit, in a poor state of health, or even without a place to live.


While it’s completely normal to experience different emotions, it isn’t natural to have rapid-changing emotions or to experience severe moodiness. When dealing with mood-related issues, your best bet is to reach out to a professional. A professional can provide you with a proper diagnosis and offer you the best treatment.