All kinds of trends have come and gone in the fashion industry. Because of the preferences everyone has, fashion continues to change. However, some streetwear apparel trends have become popular due to how versatile they accommodate modern tastes.

During the 80s, streetwear was the norm among skateboarders, surfers, and young people in your average neighborhood. They often wore this style due to its stylish yet casual aesthetic. Eventually, it came to the point that hip-hop artists from the 90s would also start wearing it.

Nowadays, what used to be nothing more than a comfortable outfit recently became a fashion statement. Designers created streetwear apparel for their models to showcase on the runway until clothing brands displayed the style for various purposes. With Champion clothing for sports and fitness and other popular brands leaning toward aesthetics, it’s safe to say that fashion experts found a place for streetwear in modern society.

However, so many options could overwhelm those interested in the style. Considering the delicate line between ‘visual appeal’ and ‘casual,’ beginners might end up purchasing clothes that don’t suit them. To help you, below are tips when shopping for streetwear apparel:

1. Know The Fabric

Since you’re shopping for clothes, checking their fabrics is only second nature. After all, the clothes’ quality relies on their materials the most. Moreover, considering you’re wearing it for physical activity, the fabric you’re looking for must be breathable and comfortable. Otherwise, you’ll sacrifice your ease of movement for aesthetics.

Cotton is the go-to fabric for sportswear. However, being typical isn’t how one would describe streetwear. Cashmere and jersey are some of the best fabrics to wear during physical activities since they’re well-known for their softness, making them easy to move in. On top of that, they’re moisture-wicking fabrics, which prevents the wearer from collecting any sweat, regardless of how intensely they exert themselves. That’s what makes streetwear excellent as an athleisure outfit.

2. Invest In Quality

Because of streetwear’s popularity in the fashion industry, many clothing brands have manufactured many pieces that have become a hit among people. But because of how popular it is, countless counterfeits eventually made an appearance the longer streetwear stays on the list of favorites in society. However, these counterfeits often ruin a style’s reputation. Because regardless of how well they copied the product’s visual design, its quality is incomparable.

Instead of shopping from the first seller you see, do your research first. Fortunately, clothing brands are transparent regarding contact information and branch locations. Aside from seller information, don’t forget to look up reviews from other customers. That way, it’s much easier to confirm whether or not the clothes they’re selling are authentic.

3. Keep It Comfortable

You’ll need as much freedom as possible to move around depending on your workout routine. Luckily, streetwear is known for its oversized fit. However, there’s a difference between loose and baggy. Loose makes you look more relaxed, while baggy might turn you into a walking tent. Wearing loose clothes gives you more range when moving your body.

4. Consider Minimalism

Many clothing styles are difficult to wear on other occasions because they’re either too formal or casual. Without a middle ground to stand on, the only time you might put on these outfits is when the situation arises. However, minimalism makes versatility possible.

Since minimalistic outfits are often subtle, they give you more room to work with. Streetwear apparel uses minimalism to its advantage. Because while others might prefer to look lowkey, the rest is allowed to utilize what’s supposed to be minimal designs. Now, they can mix and match clothes from different brands and bring them to the next level by transforming them into eye-catching looks. 

5. Stick With The Brand You Like

People often habitually go after the latest clothing brand high on the popularity poll or ‘the hype.’ After all, some believe the more popular the brand is, the more appeal it’d get from the crowd. Because of this thinking, they’re likely to only put together outfits from all kinds of trendy brands without considering whether or not they look good wearing them. 

You’ll gather all kinds of attention as soon as you reach the public. Because of this, some just cave into pressure. However, making a fashion statement means having enough confidence to make your outfit work. Putting everyone’s reactions first instead of your own will make you regret your purchase in the long run, especially when you intend to wear it while working out or doing your day-to-day.

Consider what you want out of your clothes. Go for minimalism for those who want a sense of mystery. Meanwhile, those who like popping out of the crowd might prefer bolder pieces. What matters is what you think suits you the most. After all, you’re making it a part of your wardrobe.


Streetwear fashion is considered timeless because of its strong popularity despite how many decades have passed since it became well-known. And it’s further proven when fashion experts assimilated streetwear fashion according to modern preferences. After all, only streetwear apparel makes workout clothes look suitable for a smart casual event. Considering your needs and experimenting with your options, you can buy the best streetwear outfit that suits you perfectly.