A well-organized gym bag can be the motivation for your gym days. Gyms are the favorite place for workout to a majority of fitness enthusiasts. Most of the regular gym commuters nowadays carry a gym bag with them hen heading for their workout. Their bag contains the items that help them prepare for their workout and to clean up afterwards. These are the gym bag essentials and they can make your tiring gym life a little more comforting.  

So, what should you carry on your gym bag? Let’s jump into this guide on how to pack your gym bag for work out.

Gym Clothes

Exercise clothing is a bit different than normal ones. While working out it is obvious that you will sweat from head to toe and you will want something that helps wick that sweat away to keep you cool and comfortable. For this reason, take a bit of time to pack your gym clothes. Including something like one of these mens oversized tracksuits is a great idea.Take extra shorts and tops if you want to do something relaxing after a hard cardio session. Take a swimsuit and swim goggles if you prefer a cool dip after your main workout.

Foot Essentials

You simply cannot go to the gym without a good pair of sneakers and socks. If you end up doing a spin class without proper sneakers, then your feet will suffer the effects. For exercise, running shoes are the best. Also, do remember to get good quality socks packed into your bag. It’s also a good idea to to keep a backup pair in your gym bag so your feet can stay warm and dry post workout.

Earphones or Headphones

There is a saying that working out with music increases the effectiveness. So, create a nice workout playlist and buy earphones or ear buds or headphones and take them with you while you go for a workout. This one small thing can change your workout from a good one to a great one. The opposite can happen if you forget to bring music with you while going to the gym.

Filtered Water Bottle

There is a reason that I am recommending filtered water bottles and not normal ones. During exercise, you need to get hydrated from time to time. It is hard to carry that much water from home and drinking water from unknown sources may become extremely harmful to your health. So, filtered water bottles are the best option for you. Get a good quality filtered water bottle and keep hydrated.

Clean up with Wipes

If you are in a hurry after your workout then you can avoid taking a shower for a while. But cleaning cannot be avoided. So, put cleansing wipes on your gym bag checklist. As soon as you finish your workout, clean up your face and other sweaty parts with these wipes and then send those used wipes straight into the bins. Also, try to find out the best cleansing wipes available in the market. Remember these wipes are having direct contact with your skin so be careful of products that might cause problems with sensitive skin.

You can also use dry shampoo to clean up your hair if you don’t take a shower. Dry shampoo will soak up all the dirt, oil and sweat from your head. Again, try to get the best product available on the market.

Dirty Clothing Bag

So, you think you can just put your sweaty post-workout clothes directly into your gym bag? Yeah probably not the best plan unless you want to contaminate the whole bag. If you don’t want this outcome, then bring a dirty clothing bags with you. Put your dirty clothes in those bags and keep it that way until you get a chance to put them in the wash when you get back home.

Shower Time

If there is enough facility in the gym to get a shower, then use it. The best way to clean up and freshen up post workout is through a warm cleansing shower. If you want to take a proper shower, then pack some toiletries with you. Soap, shampoo, lotion etc. can be easily packed inside your gym bag.

Quick Dry Towels

If you decide to take a shower, then this is the best option for you to dry up. Taking a post workout shower is a time-consuming activity and if you take even more time for drying up, then that would not be a productive use of your time at all. So, get a quick dry towel to put it in your gym bag.


It is natural that you will start to stink a bit after all that exercise. But there are ways to help cover that up. Deodorants. Taking perfumes inside your gym bag might not be the best option if the bag drops and the perfume bottle breaks up. It is best to carry deodorant sticks inside your bag.

Energy Bars

There is a high possibility that you will grow hungry after an intense workout session. At those moments you feel like you can eat the entire contents of your fridge. Eat an energy bar instead. To save yourself from your hunger keep an energy bar in your gym bag to avoid getting hangry.

Gym Bag Essential for Girls

I wanted to add this extra section because there are some extra things that the ladies might need while working out. Girls, do take an extra sports bra in your bag. Also, keep backup tampon packs inside your gym bags. There are some other items that you might need such as small makeup kit and personal care products.

Check that List

If you do not want to get into any unwanted trouble during or after your workout then do this small thing. Make a list on your phone and check every item while going out for a workout. Carrying these things in your gym bag will simply make your fitness program easier. Do remember to get the best of each of the products mentioned here. Know about quality and price from different reviews online. Now, go pack your things and start working out.