Coffee stands as one of the most consumed drinks in existence. Aside from its addicting taste, you can mix up other products such as cream or milk to enhance its inherent flavor. There are a lot of innovations that shops are introducing so you may enjoy it differently. On the other hand, when you hear the word “decaf,” it is immediately met with negative connotations. At times, it’s as if saying the word decaffeinated coffee mars the passion of coffee lovers. 

But, little does everyone know that there are a lot of health benefits that decaf coffee brings. 

1. Antioxidant Properties

You may be a bit startled to know that decaf coffee contains the same antioxidants found in regular coffee. It may be less in quantity due to the extraction of caffeine but still works the same. It explains that the antioxidants: polyphenols and chlorogenic acid remain after the removal of caffeine. 

But of course, the quality of the decaf coffee matters in this aspect. You should choose a product that still has complex flavors so you can enjoy your coffee. You can find more information here on some of the best decaf options in the market.

2. Less Acid

If there is one discomfort in drinking coffee, it is the acid reflux or the heartburn that comes after drinking one. There is still around 3% of the caffeine left in decaf coffee, but at least the content is very minimal. Some studies show less acid reflux reaction in people who drink decaf coffee. So, it may not be too late to switch to decaf coffee to lessen the occurrence of acidic side effects. There is scientific evidence linking decaf coffee to lowering the risk of developing rectal cancer by 48%.

3. Liver Protection

Yes, that’s correct. Some studies show that several chemicals within both types of coffee help increase the enzymes in livers. These particular enzymes are responsible for the overall protection of the liver. The chemicals also help lessen the advancement of some chronic liver diseases like cirrhosis.

4. Improves Sleep and Reduces Anxiety

Caffeine is known to be an acute stimulant. So it is not advisable to be drinking it before bedtime. Because caffeine induces more brain activity, it is also not advisable for people suffering from an anxiety disorder. However, if you are craving caffeine in your system, you might rethink drinking decaf instead. We get that there are people who need caffeine in their system to stay awake for night owling activities, but the backlash after it wears off might be undesirable to many. Recent studies have shown that drinking decaf improved sleeping patterns and reduced the onset of anxiety for the participants.

5. Memory Booster

As previously mentioned, polyphenols are present in decaf and with regular coffee. The good thing is that the polyphenols in decaf have the same function as in the regular one. Not only is polyphenol an antioxidant, but it is also a valuable substance that curbs the early onset of cognitive problems such as dementia.

Final Thoughts

Coffee is still very beneficial if consumed in the right amount. But if you are caffeine sensitive, then decaffeinated coffee is the alternative for you. At least, you will still be able to enjoy the aroma and the taste without its unpleasant side effects.