The stress you have been feeling in your workplace is valid. The World Health Organization has even defined this feeling as “burnout”. This syndrome has three main symptoms as announced by the WHO. The first is the feeling of exhaustion and extreme lack of energy. The second one is that you feel like belittling what you do, or you feel negative and cynical towards your job.  The third is that you will feel less productive with increased tendencies to procrastinate. Even though it’s not a medical diagnosis, the burnout syndrome that strictly applies to the workplace is real. Most people would feel this way at some point or another in their life. Getting active during your working hours is proving to be a successful solution to this and office yoga can help.

And what’s better than some office yoga to relax and blow off some steam while you are working?

From Burnout To Refreshment

Other than the many benefits that corporate yoga offers, it’s the only logical choice for staying active in the workplace; you can do yoga with little to no equipment, it doesn’t require huge space, and most importantly, you can do it without having to change clothes. The demand for corporate yoga has driven a lot of instructors to specifically specialize in it because it’s absolutely different from the yoga classes you can take outside. From deep breathing, core breathing, neck and back stretches, cat and cow stretches, to the forward bend and more. All these exercises can be easily performed for high rewards.

An Ancient Practice Solves Today’s Hitches

We all know the benefits of yoga. The peace of mind and relaxation you feel after is undeniable. Some people fight their stress and anxiety by doing yoga daily. This is no different than doing some office yoga during your working hours to de-stress to be able to stay productive. Here are some of the most significant changes yoga can achieve. 

  • It will change how you feel. You can throw feelings of overwhelm and pressure behind your back. It’s proven that doing yoga will help you feel better and more relaxed. It soothes the mind and body.
  • It reduces absenteeism. A scientific study proved that this activity has decreased absence due to illness and sickness by 7.6% in just one year.
  • Reduced back and neck pains. Since most of our jobs require sitting for at least 7 hours a day at our desks, back pain has been the most common complaints that people with desk jobs suffer from. Forget standing desks, yoga helps a lot with back and neck pain that is caused by too much sitting.

Fight Workplace Stress

Yoga offers so much more. From feeling relaxed, decreased stress and anxiety, to less hostility. Yoga is still a form of meditation that calms people down. Offices which made yoga an essential part of their day has shown a great reduction in the negative behaviors that could destroy the business and diminish productivity. Many companies have realized the importance of their employees’ wellbeing and happiness. Healthier and relaxed employees are more productive, less likely to take sick days, and more efficient.