There are many well-known brands on the fitness, wellness, meditation app market. But if you’re feeling adventurous or like testing lesser known apps to see what they have to offer, you might have heard about BetterMe. Those guys developed the pretty successful BetterMe fitness app, and just now, they’ve rolled out a fresh addition: the BetterMe app for meditation. For now, it’s a simple guide on basic meditation, with plans for more ambitious features in the future. How does this BetterMe Meditation app work, and is it worth your attention?

Our BetterMe Meditation review

The many benefits of practicing meditation on a regular basis have been proved scientifically. A simple sequence of breathing exercises helps you relax, concentrate, improve your mindfulness and awareness. It is a psychological experience that takes some time getting used to, but when mastered, becomes your go-to method to declutter your mind and focus on what matters.

You may have started entertaining the thought of meditation after your gym trainer or a friend advised you to try it, you might have read an article about the benefits of meditation, or it just clicked in your mind that you need something, a therapeutic tool to start/end/continue your day with less stress and anxiety. You can’t magically extend your day to include more hours and you only have a few minutes to squeeze in – or, who knows, maybe you’ll need an instant meditation session as you’re in the middle of something. Well, the BetterMe Meditation app is suitable for anyone who will find the below list of arguments agreeable:

  1. The purpose of any meditation app is, of course, very clear and straightforward. At the moment, BetterMe Meditation app offers daily guided meditation sessions and basic meditation tips. All you have to do is open the app whenever you feel it’s time to enhance your mindfulness and perform certain controlled breathing and thinking exercises.
  2. Clearing your mind and focus isn’t the only purpose of meditation, though. BetterMe Meditation app has a series of guided breathing exercises that serve various purposes, such as reducing your stress and anxiety levels, improving your sleep quality, and so on.
  3. The BetterMe Meditation app creators say it’s targeted at people “who can’t meditate”. Indeed, the general idea is that you launch the app every time you feel like you need a breather, or develop a meditation routine (say, as you get up every morning), and follow the timers and instructions you see, letting your thoughts go for just 3-5 minutes. Rather than trying to force yourself to focus for long periods of time, which is difficult, especially if you’re new to meditation, BetterMe provides short but effective meditations
  4. You will learn to manage the stress in your life and improve your overall health using a tool you always carry with you: your breathing.
  5. The guides are said to be designed in close collaboration with yoga and meditation instructors, so the exercises should be healthy and effective when put to practice.

BetterMe Meditation app: What’s next?

Let’s see what the app promises:

  • Improved quality of life, reduced stress levels and sharper focus with just 5 minutes each day;
  • Guided meditations developed by best teachers;
  • An ideal fit for busy people, on-the-go meditation to calm your nerves or anxiety;
  • Targeting of specific symptoms like sleep, stress, anxiety, depression, etc.;
  • Guided meditations focused on many smaller but significant life aspects like waking up, commuting, work stress, etc.;
  • Keeping track of your personal progress with the app;
  • Improved clarity and focus throughout the day;
  • Developing a broader perspective and deeper self-awareness;
  • Improved leadership skills;
  • Controlled, deeper and more natural breathing;
  • Enhanced mindfulness;
  • Natural, easier winding down at the end of a difficult day;
  • Development of listening skills;
  • Facing obstacles in a calmer and clearer manner.

The BetterMe Meditation app is working, but there is certainly room for improvement and expansion. Here’s a list of what we think is missing and could be added to the app:

  • We’ve heard that there are plans to introduce several “meditation challenges” that from several days in a row to up to a month and serve various purposes, such as to get you in the right headspace and mood for work, running, or sleeping, or to accompany you on your month-long fitness challenges.
  • It would be nice to have a choice of both unguided and guided meditation sessions, where one can play, say, sounds of nature and meditate on their own, or follow instruction-based breathing
  • A tool for tracking one’s progress would be a great addition as well.

The app is currently available for free on AppStore and Google Play, but it’s not yet known if the guys are going to follow the BetterMe fitness app route and introduce the free trial/paid subscription combo. If so, we hope that the app stays affordable!

You need a personal pocket fitness trainer or a meditation helper, you look for an app that caters to your demands and suits you best. That’s how it works today. The more apps, the better, since they all have to offer something high-quality and unique to compete successfully on the app markets. BetterMe app for meditation doesn’t look bleak compared to its more established rivals. If the guys are to deliver on their promise to keep adding new features and options, you will be watching your meditation opportunities grow in real time. Is it worth keeping this app on my phone in its current state, we hear you ask. We’d say yes. After all, the existing set of exercises is enough for beginner-level meditation practitioners… and there’s more to come, hopefully.

Which is your fav app for meditation and improving mindfulness? Which features you’d like to see in the BetterMe Meditation app (or any meditation app, for that matter)? Tell us in the comments!