Well+Good has named their top 16 health trends of 2016. Three of the 16 trends focus on the anti-diet, mental health, and meditation. Ahead of the game – Ignite Nutrition Inc., along with You Ain’t Your Weight have launched their signature e-course – Be Your Own Nutrition Expert, focused on ditching kitschy nutrition beliefs in favor of developing a healthy relationship with food, to meet your health goals in 2016.

Statistics Brain Research Institute lists weight loss as the top New Year’s resolution of 2015, and 2016 isn’t expected to be much different.

Andrea Hardy, Registered Dietitian and Owner of Ignite Nutrition Inc. says ‘We know resolutions DON’T work. Jenna and I have come together to present people with a better option, through our webinars offered throughout December. Resolutions are often outcome and results based. You achieve the result, or you don’t – it’s black or white – leading to success or failure and re-enforcing that all-or-nothing diet mentality. In a society that is asking us to do less and less – weigh less, eat less, stress less, we challenge our students to do more. More body love. More food enjoyment. More recognizing why we eat, not just what.’

With only 8% of New Year’s resolution-ers achieving their goals, Ignite Nutrition Inc. seeks to have people re-evaluate the traditional elimination-style diets, that often end in failure. The four-week e-course, focused on understanding nutrition basics, eliminating all-or-nothing mentality, and reconnecting your brain with your mouth moves students to a place where they can begin normal, enlightened eating.

Jenna Free, Owner of You Ain’t Your Weight says ‘So many individuals set resolutions and define themselves by whether they lose those 10 lbs or not. The old adage ‘You are what you eat’ has come back to bite us – we have developed this negative habit of defining our self-worth by what we eat. The course focuses on breaking down these habits, and learning to identify your self-worth through who you are, not how you look.’

The Be Your Own Nutrition Expert e-course, launching January 4th, challenges students to ditch the tradition restrictive eating diet mentality, in favour of getting back to normal eating and re-establishing the brain-mouth connection. Aiming to have students achieve their 2016 goals by developing healthy habits in favor of restrictions.