Yes, there is medical detox, cognitive behavioral therapy, and everything in between! However, have you heard about the many holistic activities you can try for something called holistic addiction recovery? 

If not, then it’s fine since it is quite a new subject to understand.

However, it is coming to our attention a lot since they are having quite the success rate in helping people to recover and at the same time hold their sobriety even part of recovery.

Yes, it is quite a challenge when you think about it! Especially if someone has very painful withdrawal symptoms and has a hint of post-recovery withdrawal as well.

However, experts are swearing by these holistic activities, which can not only help you while battling addiction but also give you new hobbies for your new sober life. These activities are great for the people who are also battling with some mental health issues and need some help in minimizing that chaos in their heads.

In this excerpt below, we will be talking about what holistic recovery is, how they are conducted and what are the different holistic activities you can try post-recovery.

First, let us understand what exactly happens post-recovery. So, sit back and gather all the knowledge you can!

What Happens Post Recovery

Here are some of the things which happen post-recovery.

  • Your body is still a little weak and vulnerable. Thus a healthy diet is always the key.
  • You will stop glamorizing the substances; they won’t be an element of fun in your life anymore.
  • You must continue therapy as it will always help you to understand yourself better.
  • You might have some post-recovery withdrawal syndrome; for that, you must seek help from the organization which helped you with recovery.

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What Is Holistic Recovery For Addiction?

So, the term holistic means a whole person, which means rather than just medical detox, which only concentrates on the medical healing of the body.

Or therapy which concentrates more on mental healing. Holistic recovery is something that will concentrate on all mind, body, and soul.

This is why most people are following holistic recovery to get rid of addiction, because not only will it help you to battle addiction, but also ensure that you never go down that road again.

Holistic recovery concentrates on both the psychological and physical needs of a patient while they are recovering and even afterward.

It can make you more proactive, effectively helping in the secretion of good hormones.

What Is The Purpose Of Holistic Recovery

Here are some of the purposes of holistic recovery,

It will help you to understand the purpose of your addiction and why you need to get rid of it. It is a form of intellectual wellness rather than being forced upon.

There are eight kinds of wellness through which you will be able to resume a normal healthy, sober life. Incorporating some of these holistic traits will help you achieve that.

You will have a new distraction when it comes to getting rid of the sudden urges of relapse.

You will be able to embark upon your new life with new hobbies and a brand new lifestyle.

Holistic activities automatically help you lead a much calm and content life.

What are Holistic Activities Which You Can

Post recovery, if you ever find yourself having urges for the substance, then here are some of the wholesome, holistic activities which you can try.

They will not only help you get a healthy distraction, but you might actually enjoy these activities.

1. Journaling

This is one of the best ways to start your recovery journey. We have also heard from patients in the inpatient recovery center that having a journal is very helpful.

Apparently, from all the therapy, feelings are almost overflowing and writing them down always helps with the feeling of overwhelming.

This is an activity that you can continue even after your recovery, every time you have chaotic thoughts, and you need to organize them.

2. Art Therapy

When your thoughts are all over the place, it is sometimes difficult to put them into words.

This is why you need art therapy which is the best form of non-verbal therapy.

The colors can represent your thoughts, and it will be much easier to decipher your thoughts and triggers.

3. Physical Exercise

Did you know through physical exercise, you can easily release happy hormones like endorphin and oxytocin in your body.

This is also a great way to deal with your sudden urges when you need an immediate distraction. 

4. Yoga

Yoga is peaceful, and it gives your inner strength and resilience. 

Studies have shown that doing yoga every day helps the body to relax, and it also keeps the withdrawal thoughts much at bay.

5. Acupuncture

Acupuncture is the act of placing needles in certain pressure points of your body!

No, they won’t hurt!

Rather they will help you derail the anxiety and restless thoughts away from your mind and think about something peaceful.

6. Meditation

What could be better than being mindful!

Anxious thoughts after recovery are not very uncommon. Yes, you can have therapy, but what if you need immediate assistance.

It is always better to know some of the mindful meditation tactics which will allow you to be mindful and give your immediate relief.

7. Aromatherapy

Aromatherapy is the art of calming someone with a relaxing scent and massages.

This is an activity you can practice once every week. You will come out of each session relaxed, rejuvenated, and as a new person.

Just Relax!

Yes, holistic recovery might be something that may sound too good to be true.

How can simply calming your mind give you all the strength to battle addiction?

Just holistic recovery won’t!

However, if you accompany such activities with things like medical detox and other therapies, it will help.

So, just relax!