Juice cleanses have garnered significant attention for their purported health benefits and detoxifying properties. These liquid-based regimens, often centered around the consumption of nutrient-dense fruit and vegetable juices, have gained popularity as a means to rejuvenate the body and promote overall well-being. This article delves into the essence of juice cleanses, exploring their fundamental principles, potential health advantages, and considerations for incorporating them into a balanced lifestyle. By examining the scientific evidence and expert insights surrounding juice cleanses, this article aims to provide readers with a comprehensive understanding of how these cleansing protocols can potentially contribute to enhanced vitality, improved digestion, and a revitalized sense of wellness. Whether you’re considering embarking on a juice cleanse or seeking insights into its potential impacts, this article serves as a valuable guide to navigating the world of liquid-based detoxification and promoting a healthier, more vibrant lifestyle.

Juicing recipes are the best way to draw in all the benefits from as many fruits in a single glass; they not only cleanse you of toxins but also pack the body with numerous disease-fighting nutrients. With the right recipes, your body feels better and this is replicated both inside and out. You get softer skin, an even tone color and so much more.

Here are the top 10 juice cleanses you should try!

#1 The Lemonade/Master Cleanse

There’s no shortage of names for this one and rightly so; it works perfectly for those who want to detoxify and lose weight simultaneously. Not many other cleanse juice achieve this feat. Within days, you will feel and see the changes you desire.

It’s composition

To start off, you’ll only need plain water, lemon and a couple of natural laxative teas; needless to say, all solid foods within your regimen are a no-no. Remember how petite Beyoncé looked in Dreamgirls? This “recipe” reportedly made it happen!

How does the Beyoncé diet work?

When you get up each morning, take four cups of salted water. Throughout the course of the day, you are at liberty to take anywhere between six and twelve glasses of lemonade comprising of;

  • 1 to 10 Cayenne pepper teaspoons
  • 2 genuine maple syrup teaspoons
  • 2 lemon/lime juice teaspoons (equivalent to a lemon)

To top it off, have a cup of your favorite laxative tea in the evening.

In essence: your body detoxifies rapidly due to the combination of lemon, tea laxatives, and cayenne pepper through rapid metabolism; it is as effortless as can get.

#2 The Joe Cross 3 Day Cleanser

Ever watched Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead documentary? It’s controversy notwithstanding, Joe Cross certainly has a huge following of detox fans the world over. A major advocate of juicing, he recommends a strict 3-day menu changes.

During the three days, all you should have for meals are juices. Your mid-morning snack should be coconut water and finally, for an afternoon and post-dinner dessert, you’ll have to snack on other juices.

The benefits: Apart from expunging harmful toxins from your system, this diet packs your body to the brim with essential minerals and vitamins.

The 5 recipes worth trying out are:

Just Beet It (purple juice recipe)

2 beetroot, a cucumber, 2 pears and fresh root-ginger measuring an inch/2.5 cm.

Un-Beet-Able (red juice recipe)

2 beetroot, 2 apples, 6 carrots, 15 kale leaves/Tuscan cabbage and fresh root-ginger measuring 2 inches/5 cm.

Carrot-Apple-Lemon (orange juice recipe)

4 carrots, 4 apples and 2 lemons.

Garden Variety (green juice recipe)

2 parsley handfuls, 4 cucumbers, 4 apples and 16 kale leaves/Tuscan cabbage.

Australian Gold (yellow juice recipe)

A lemon, a medium-sized pineapple, a yellow/bell capsicum pepper and fresh root-ginger measuring an inch/2.5 cm.

#3 Diet: Organic Avenue Juice Cleanse

With organic avenue, you get a whole array of cleanses ranging from gentle to moderate and extreme. For an extreme cleanse, all their juices are included in the regimen.

Their juices are:

Love easy – It’s the gentlest form of cleansing and it contains juices and foods. All the juices are organic and the foods plant-based. It is the perfect choice for beginners.

Go Green – Organic Avenue vouches for it as the cleanest of clean’ programs based on its purity. With this, you only get a combination of green drinks.

Love Fast – After sticking to the love easy juice for a while, this cleanse offers you more juices with lesser food in them. Your body thus shifts from heavy to lighter meals seamlessly while receiving all requisite nutrients.

Love Deep – This is a strictly all-juice cleanse but with the significant boost in energy. Your mental acuity gets sharper through exposure to an assortment of vegetables and fruits.

Worth noting: The main objective here is to detoxify your body without compromising on nutrient intake in a delicious package. As recommended, the juice cleanses can be taken between 3 to 5 times daily with all provisions being catered for by Organic Avenue.

#4 Clean and Green Colon Cleanse

Far from being a juice cleanse diet, this recipe can be included into your already existing cleanse menu; it will accelerate the rate of cleansing and deliver expected results sooner than expected. In every sense, it is fantastic.

How does it work?

To derive optimal benefits, drink a cup of this juice cleanse every four hours. The ingredients to use are;

  • 2 parsley handfuls
  • 6 organic spinach cups
  • 2 organic green-apples

This will be approximately 2 cups of juice. Though a beer option, parsley is highly recommended as it is rich in minerals and Vitamins A, C and K; it also gets rid of excess body fluids. Green apples are a subtle sweetener and are rich in antioxidants and spinach is rich in nutrients.

Worth noting: the few ingredients required for this diet make it easy to use in addition to other purchasable programs like organic avenue and others yet to be discussed. Its incorporation is entirely about accelerating results.

#5 Ritual wellness Juice Cleanser

What this has been delicious and consequently, easy to adhere to. There are four options to choose from and all should be taken six times each day. The four options you get to choose from are;

Shred – This is a red energy drink comprising of almond milk’.

Build Your Own – This package comes with a variety of Ritual Wellness flavors from which you can make juice cleanses that suit you best, with a few tips to get you started.

Classic Reset – This is comprised of three green juices, cashew milk, spicy lemonade and sweet greens.

Seasonal Reset – This is comprised of 2 green juices, cashew milk, spicy lemonade and sweet greens.

Under this program, you derive multiple benefits other than just detoxifying your body. The minerals and nutrients in these juices will sharpen your mental clarity, improve your digestion, improve your skin and sleep pattern as well as reduce cravings for sugars and salts. Ultimately, you will have a better mood, feel more energetic and end up losing weight.

#6 Blueprint Cleanse

Just like Organic Avenue, these bottled juices are unpasteurized and 100% organic and raw; these ensure all the minerals and enzymes in them are not processed in any way and remain in their natural form. The variety of choice is limited to three diets namely;

Foundation – If you’re not yet sure about being a vegetarian, this diet suits you best. All the concerns about your health are taken into account moderately without being too obsessive.

Renovation – If you are just trying out cleansing, this one takes you slowly and has a subtle sweetness.

Excavation – This works best for those who are extremely cautious about what they take into their bodies and in essence, consider and treat it as a temple. It has all the good stuff.

All of these comprise of six juices that are rich in minerals, vitamins, and enzymes. Taking either of them daily rapidly detoxifies the body.

After taking the juices, there are a series of maintenance packs which can be likened to mini-detoxes; these can be taken daily. They are an excellent add-on!

#7 Ultimate Green Juice Based on Celery

Though few know about it, celery is a nutritional powerhouse; it has loads of folic acid, potassium, iron, calcium, essential amino acids, and phosphorus. To complement its many nutritional benefits, add lemon, lime, parsley, green apple, ginger and kale and the result is an extremely effective detox cocktail.

The ingredients are:

  • 1 lemon
  • 1 lime
  • 1 celery bunch
  • 1 green apple
  • A sizeable handful of flat-leaf parsley leaves
  • An inch of ginger (fresh)
  • A tablespoon of coconut oil (organic)

Coconut oil is not a must-add but it’s for extra health benefits. The nourishing benefits of this juice cleanse extend beyond detoxification, it is a natural way of regaining radiant skin and generally improved body functionality.

#8 Tropical Paradise Cleanse

As you rest at night, your body naturally builds up tension and toxins. What better way to get rid of this than a morning glassful of tropical juice blend; it is easy on your digestive system and works towards loosening up the build up from sleep.

The ingredients are:

  • A peeled medium kiwi
  • A small pineapple which should be peeled and sliced
  • A ripe medium-sized papaya which is peeled and sliced
  • 1.2 cups of fresh coconut water (should be stirred after blending)
  • A piece of fresh ginger, peeled

What you should know

The juice was discovered by chance on Kauai Island. Though the juice stand where it was discovered is no longer operational, it is definitely a bestseller and has multiple benefits, detoxification being the main one.

#9 Garden Green Coco

Coconuts don’t immediately appear as detoxifying agents by themselves. They are rich in says Helms, potassium, and electrolytes. These attributes make them perfect for a post-workout more so during summers when it is excruciatingly hot to get rid of toxins.

The ingredients are;

  • banana
  • young coconut (Thai)
  • handful of spinach
  • handful of kale

What to do

After cracking the coconut open, preferably with a cleaver, the water should be poured into t blender. Don’t forget to scoop out all the meat inside the coconut and add into the blender too. Kale, spinach, and banana are then added and blended. If you really want to enjoy it, pour the smoothie back into the empty coconut and relish in the sweetness!

#10 Wild-spiced Dandelion Berry Juice

In terms of texture, this juice will definitely appease to your palates. The pulped juice is packed with innumerable health and detoxifying benefits. Containing all the nutrients essential to your body, this cleanses will revitalize your brain and improve your digestive system.

The ingredients are;

  • cup of raspberries
  • cup, or more, of dandelion leaves
  • miniature chili sliced into two
  • cups of strawberries

Blending all these together, you get a moderate detoxifying cocktail that is as sweet as can get. Its silky-smooth pinkish color makes it all the more appealing.

These top 10 juice cleanse recipes and mixes are definitely worth trying! Though some are a wholesome package, a good number can be made at home from readily available ingredients. Which works best for you? Let us know.