Edmonton’s neighborhoods are quickly gentrifying. Infill developers, and renovators have taken over our inner city. This revolution first began around 2016 when the zoning changed to allow 50-foot-wide lots to be subdivided in YEG. Since then, we have gotten to watch infill developers go from building normal, albeit skinny, homes to producing real architectural beauties. We reached out to one of Edmonton’s top producing realtors, Logan Patterson, an agent with quite a bit of experience in the infill world. Logan started his career as an infill builder in 2016, while also selling real estate as an Associate Broker with Logic Realty. We asked Logan, what interior design trends he was seeing new home builders pursue in 2023 and what Logan’s thoughts were about the future of single-family home design.

“It seems most interior design trends are slowly transitioning from a mid-century modern or hyper modern approach to a much more traditional, Victorian style.”

  • Herringbone Floors
  • Hidden Floor Vents and Air Intakes
  • Waterfall Quartz Islands
  • Home Wellness Spaces
  • Kitchen Nooks
  • Built In Kitchen Tables

Herringbone Floors

Herringbone floors are hardwood flooring characterized by their distinctive pattern, resembling a herring fish’s bones. The way consists of rectangular wood planks arranged in a zigzag formation, creating a visually striking effect. The interlocking design of herringbone floors enhances the aesthetic appeal and adds structural stability to the flooring.

Hidden Floor Vents and Air Intakes

Maintaining a comfortable, well-ventilated environment in our homes and offices requires proper airflow. Traditional floor vents and air intakes have long been the go-to solution for regulating temperature and ensuring adequate ventilation. However, their visible presence often poses challenges in aesthetics and design. This is where hidden floor vents and air intakes come into play.

Hidden floor vents and air intakes offer one of the most modern and innovative interior design trends to maintainin optimal airflow while seamlessly blending with the surrounding space. These concealed vents are designed to be discreet, providing an unobtrusive and aesthetically pleasing alternative to traditional vents. By integrating seamlessly into the flooring, hidden vents offer a range of benefits, from enhanced visual appeal to improved air circulation.

Waterfall Quartz Islands

When it comes to kitchen design, the countertop plays a significant role in both functionality and aesthetics. A waterfall quartz island is an attractive option that has recently gained popularity. With its seamless and captivating design, a waterfall quartz island can elevate the look of any kitchen while providing practical benefits.

A waterfall quartz island refers to a countertop design where the quartz material cascades down the sides of the island, creating a “waterfall” effect. The result is a sleek and continuous surface that adds a touch of sophistication and modernity to the kitchen space making it one of the top interior design trends.

Home Wellness Space

New home wellness space designs have emerged as a significant trend, focusing on creating tranquil and rejuvenating environments within the home. These interior design trends emphasize the integration of mind, body, and spirit, offering dedicated spaces for relaxation, meditation, and self-care activities. Homeowners are now seeking to create serene retreats that promote mental well-being and provide opportunities for self-reflection and introspection. Natural elements such as plants, sunlight, and soothing colors are incorporated to create a calming atmosphere. Innovative features like built-in aromatherapy systems, soundproofing, and adjustable lighting enable individuals to customize their wellness experiences. These spaces may include yoga studios, meditation rooms, spa-inspired bathrooms, or cozy reading nooks, designed to encourage self-care practices and foster a sense of balance and harmony in the home. New home wellness space designs reflect a growing awareness of the importance of holistic wellness and self-care in today’s fast-paced world.

Kitchen Nooks

A kitchen is often called the home’s heart, where delicious meals and cherished memories are created. To maximize the functionality and cosiness of this space, many homeowners are incorporating kitchen nooks into their designs. A kitchen nook, a breakfast nook or dining nook, is a small seating area typically located near or within the kitchen.

Kitchen nooks offer a charming and intimate setting for meals, casual gatherings, or coffee in the morning. They provide a cosy alternative to formal dining rooms and can be designed to fit seamlessly into the kitchen’s overall aesthetic. A kitchen nook can enhance the appeal and functionality of a small or large kitchen, regardless of size.

Built-In Kitchen Tables

In kitchen interior design trends, functionality and style go hand in hand. When optimizing space and creating a seamless flow in your kitchen, built-in kitchen tables are a fantastic option. These tables are custom-designed and integrated into the kitchen layout, providing a practical and visually appealing solution for dining and gathering.

A built-in kitchen table offers a unique blend of functionality and aesthetics. It eliminates the need for a separate dining area, making the most of limited space while maintaining a cohesive design. With a built-in table, you can transform your kitchen into a versatile hub to enjoy meals, host gatherings, or work and engage in various activities.