Golf is the most popular sport where small changes can have a huge impact and sunglasses play an important role for the golfer. It is not about being stylish or looking cool, but most golfers don’t realize that the right shades can help to improve their performance. Most importantly, shades give protection from UV rays. So golfers can buy a Goodr sports frame with a standard pair of aviator frames, which ensures that frame does not move when they are making their swing and do not distract from the sunlight while looking up and stop the wind from blowing into the eyes on the course. 

In the world of golf, sunglasses are a little complicated and there are lots of opinions that make the best sunglasses for golf. Because of this confusion, we’ve put together these guidelines to find the perfect sunglasses for you when you are on the golf course. The sunglasses have been made up of two essential components:

The Frame and The Lens. 

The Frame:

As you know there is a lot of design and style that the frame can provide, from Aviator to wrap-around, from shield frames to square frames. The sunglasses frame plays an important role while you can use any frame design for golfing. 

The Lens:

The main component of the sunglasses is the lens. Without the right lens for golfing sunglasses, you will always be spoiling your golf game. 

  1. Non-Slip Nose Pad:- The shades stop slipping down from the nose when the golfer is looking down at the ball. 
  2. Amber Lens Tint:- This lens helps golfers look down the fairway with clear vision that helps them to see the ball and flagpole. 
  3. The Relaxing Effect:- This is noticed when the golfer wearing the sunglasses is squinting. Sunglasses designed uniquely with nylon lenses, with better vision over polycarbonate are best.
  4. Comfort:- When you spend a few hours on the golf course you need to relax and not worry about uncomfortable shades. 
  5. Protection:- Protection from UVA, UVC, and UVB rays play an important role in a game where the sun is beating down on you. Sunglasses are recommended, this will help your peripherals to protect, but also peripheral eyesight is enhanced by the amber lens.
  6. Cancer Protection With UVA:- We hear a lot about the golfers spending most of the time at a golf course under cloudy conditions. The skin near your eyelid is very delicate to sunlight and nearly 15% of skin cancer is found around the eyes. Wearing Ultra Violet protective sunglasses with a large lens can protect your eye but also protect your surrounding skin. 
  7. Protecting Against Pinguecula And Pterygium:- These two eye diseases are being caused by direct long-term exposure to ultraviolet rays from the sun, wind, and dust particles in the conditions they cause forming the conjunctiva (the clear covering) of the whites of your eyes and can affect your eyesight. 


Golfers wants to concentrate on their game to take the perfect shot. If the golfer is squinting from the sun, then they cannot make the best shot and perform their best. For that, golfers need specific sunglasses that protect them against the harmful rays of the sun and also need good quality golf cart bags for protecting all of this equipment.