By James Hundson

The increase in the number of women who wish to have a muscular body that is made up of muscles with the fats kept away. But, can women really develop a body like men? We all know that testosterone plays an important role in muscle building. Women have extremely lower levels of testosterone as compared to that of men. Thus, it is obvious that they will not be able to get the most accurate results like men, but will surely be able to gain muscles by working hard.

If a woman is determined to build up muscles, she will prefer going to any stage to make sure that she proves others wrong. But, there are many myths that one needs to clear off while working hard to build muscles. The 5 main myths that are usually considered are explained below.

MYTH #1:Increased amount of weights will contribute in making you bulky and masculine.

FACT: It is a fact that weights contribute their bit towards muscle building. But, that is not the sole factor that contributes in developing a masculine body. The most important thing that is necessary is the muscle building hormone called testosterone. This hormone, as mentioned earlier is responsible for enhancing muscle building. But, since it is quite low in females, women may find it difficult to develop a bulky and masculine body.

MYTH #2: Exercises increase the Chest Size.
FACT: A woman’s breast is made up of fatty tissues. And thus muscle building exercises can in no way help in increasing the breast. A common thing that is observed is that the muscles on the back are enlarged which in turn increase the size of the back. This increase in the size of the back is mistaken to be an increase in the cup size. Thus it is important to make a note that it is the back that increases and not the chest.

MYTH #3: Women do not need to consume Supplements.
FACT: Supplements are usually consumed to make sure that the body gets all the necessary nutrients that are not obtained through food. If you are a woman and are confident enough of consuming a balanced diet, you may not need dietary supplements. But, there are a few supplements that need to be consumed that make sure that you have the energy and strength to work out after a hard day at work. Workout supplements that contain enough amounts of Vitamins and proteins make sure that an individual can work out properly.

MYTH #4: Muscles turn into fats after you stop working out.
FACT: There is a huge difference in the presence of muscles and fats in the body. When a woman stops her work out completely, the muscles are reduced due to the inactivity. Later, due to the reduced work outs and the improper diet plan that disturbs the eating habits fats in the body are increased. Thus, people think that the muscles get converted into fats. But, the fact is that muscles and fats are completely different tissues that have no relation with each other.

MYTH #5: Cardio alone works well for women.
FACT: Women usually have a misconception due to which they think that cardio is enough. But, cardio is a form of workout due to which the muscles and fats are burned. Thus, it will in no way help in building up of muscles. Muscles respond well to resistance. Hence, working out with the right amount of weights is something that will help in building enough muscles. Whether you are a man or a woman, until you push yourself to try harder and lift more weights, you cannot develop the muscular body you wanted to have.

These are the 5 main myths that keep people away from doing the right workout. If you are determined enough to achieve your goals, there is nothing that can stop you from achieving it. One thing that every woman has to keep in mind is that there is a reason behind something that is told to you. Do not blindly believe in everything that you here. They may land up to be myths like the ones mentioned above.