Many families are sharing limited space and unable to engage in their usual extra-curricular activities. As a result, everyone is feeling the effects of a broken routine and cabin fever. 

Fortunately, there are plenty of workout plans and styles that are perfect for both at-home training and family engagement. Try these six at-home workouts to keep the whole family moving.


Dancing is one of the most versatile forms of movement when it comes to exercise. With various styles and progressions, anyone can take part in a dance session. This exercise can be used to build strength, improve cardio, and burn off all that extra energy.

Look into a few family-friendly virtual dance classes to learn a new style of dance. If that’s not your speed, get the family involved in making a playlist for a VIP dance party. You can also use dance as a form of cross-training, combining it with other strength exercises for dancers.


Boxing has become a fan-favorite way to get stronger and faster while pursuing fitness goals. It’s a versatile workout that pairs well with a variety of other exercises, such as weightlifting and running, for example. Boxing is also kid-friendly and requires minimal equipment to get started.

Try some at-home boxing classes for all ages to learn this new skill together. Boxing is particularly great for kids as it helps develop both gross and fine motor skills. It’s also an affordable way to get moving.


More families have been using the global COVID-19 pandemic as a great reason to get back in touch with nature. There’s nothing like getting out and exploring the great outdoors to offset time spent staying safe at home. Use an app like AllTrails to find accessible hiking trails near you based on your needs and skill level.

Be sure to check your local regulations and restrictions before venturing onto the trails. It’s also wise to confirm that the trail you’re following is acceptable for public use. You can also keep your children entertained while walking by creating nature scavenger hunts!

Body Weight Circuit Workouts

Create your own body weight circuit workout using some basic functional movements balanced with cardio movements to get your heart pumping. Some of the best body weight exercises for your at-home circuit include:

  • Lunges
  • Jumping jacks
  • Mountain climbers
  • Squats
  • Push-ups
  • Planks
  • High knees
  • Fast feet
  • Sit-ups

Keep in mind that there are endless variations of the core movements to keep things fresh. Turn this into a family-friendly game by having everyone draw a card and complete the corresponding movement or by spelling out their name with corresponding exercises. 

Obstacle Course

Bring out your inner ninja by setting up an obstacle course. You can scale the intensity and complexity to fit your family’s needs and the available space. Use things you have around home to create obstacles to go over, around, under, and through. 

Creating an obstacle course is a great way to challenge your family to move while encouraging them to get imaginative. Set up a scoreboard with everyone’s best time and spend the days trying to beat your personal records.


For a more relaxing form of movement, you can’t go wrong with yoga. Use training videos or a guided yoga podcast to move through the movements and unwind at the end of a long day. This low-impact workout is perfect for the evenings when everyone should be settling down and relaxing. 

There are numerous kid’s yoga videos that simplify the movements and make them easier to learn and understand. 

Finding ways to stay active as a family is important for spending quality time together and promoting healthy habits. Use these adaptable exercises to get your family moving while staying safe at home.