Still not seeing the weight loss results you want? Want to take things to the max? Of all the weight loss workouts I’ve seen, circuit training will get you seeing results the fastest.

What is Circuit Training?
Circuit training combines resistance training and high-intensity aerobics in order to maximize your results. It helps build strength and endurance at the same time.

One circuit means completing one set of all exercises in the program. Usually, rest periods are shorter between sets because you can focus on different muscle groups back to back. The idea is to keep your body moving at all times, and complete the exercises quickly.

This is why circuit training is great for days when your time is tighter than usual. It’s also great for getting in a full body workout.

Circuit Training for Weight Loss
All circuit training can be great for weight loss, because it builds muscle and burns of calories at the same time. But there are things you can do to increase the metabolism-boosting effects of circuit training.

The following circuit training program combines weights with cardio. Don’t forget your towel, and make sure you’re properly hydrated before you start.

Step 1. Warm-Up:
Start with 5 minutes of low intensity cardio to get warmed up. The treadmill would be great for this.

Step 2. Cardio:
Choose a piece of cardio equipment (treadmill, elliptical, or bike are all fine) and start with 1 minute of moderate-high intensity training.

Step 3. Weights:
As soon as you’re done your 1 minute of cardio, move to your first strength training exercise. This can include free weights, machines, or cable,  doesn’t matter. If your gym keeps cardio equipment on a different floor, you can substitute exercises that use body weight as resistance, like crunches or pushups.

If you’re using weights, use slightly less weight than normal (30% less, for example) and perform one set until near exhaustion. Make sure you use proper form and tempo throughout.

Some of the best strength training exercises that I would recommend would include: lunges, squats, pull-ups, lat pull downs, dumbbell chest press, dumbbell shoulder presses or even a combination of these exercises such as a squat and shoulder press all in one fluid movement.

Step 4. Repeat:
Immediately move back to your cardio equipment and do another minute at high intensity, and then follow this with your second strength training exercise.

Repeat this cycle for the length of your workout, or perform multiples of shorter circuits. No rest is necessary between cardio and weights, the idea here is that your cardio is your strength training rest, and your strength training is your cardio rest.

Keep in mind, this kind of circuit training would work best in an uncrowded gym, or you could also give it a try at home. Either way, you’ll be burning fat and losing weight in no time.