Core transformation can change your life. It can effectively get you out of pain and allow you to move better and feel better on a daily basis. This is why so many people have been giving it a try.

Core transformation is not some random workout magic. It entails extra work and dedication because it offers life-changing and massive results. 

If you feel like delving into core transformation and you don’t know where to begin, we’ve got you covered. In this post, we’d enlist important core transformation principles that everyone should know. We’d also share a list of many benefits that people have shared after deciding to proceed with core transformation.

After reading this, we hope that you’d feel more empowered to make positive changes in your life by seriously considering core transformation.

What is core transformation?

Core transformation is the intelligent application of body movement to restore peak body wellness and excellent health. It involves the doing of workouts that involve specific and targeted muscle contractions. Breathing strategically into the movement plays a significant role in core transformation. 

Core transformation will make you aware of how to properly hold your body and how to properly breathe into movements in a fluid, graceful, strong, and pain-free manner. One hour of core transformation is equivalent to seven hours of working out in the gym. That is how powerful it is. 

Benefits of Core Transformation

People that have undergone core transformation were documented to have experienced the following benefits:

1. People are able to move better.

2. People feel less to zero body pain and aches anymore.

3. People are able to participate in more dynamic activities like hiking.

4. People get to run again.

5. People no longer experience chronic hip pain.

Important Core Transformation Principles 

The following are important basic principles about core transformation that every person interested to delve into it should be fully aware of:

1. Core strength does not just come from your abs, it also comes from your torso, your whole torso.

2. Proper foot placement is essential. Core transformation involves solid standing posture moves that highly rely on proper foot placement. Such placement has a lot to do with proper bone placement when one is sitting.

3. Your core is in control when your feet and your hands can softly hit the ground.

4. Knowing how to breathe properly is important. 

5. Everything in your body can be unlocked and relaxed by your extremities. Yes, everything that is remotely connected to it.

6. Core transformation is not just about looking good and feeling good. It’s all about allowing you to have the right amount of vitality and energy in leading the life that you want.

7. Pulsing is powerful. You can use it to successfully create solid flexibility, massive strength, and even reset your contraction rate.

8. Core transformation will teach you how to be grateful. Gratitude plays a big role in doing movements for core transformation.

9. You should make your glutes work. Your lower back muscles were not designed to hold the weight of your spine but your glutes. Your glutes should be activated and rise to the need to carry the weight of your spine.

10. Any movement should be released properly. You always need to find work and release in any movement. Think about applying the concept of yin and yang.

11. Your body will remain young if you do childlike movements.

12. You’re allowed to laugh at yourself while you do all the movements.

13. You should allow yourself to feel joy in every movement. It is a must. An obligation.

14. Core transformation does its magic because of proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation. It is miraculous and it allows for the amazing benefits that people experience when actively doing core transformation movements.

15. Your body gets to work 7x more when you apply deep muscle contraction.

16. Core transformation can reset your emotional and mental wellness by intentional and restorative movement.

17. Your workout will be more effective and powerful if you do self-massage.

18. Core transformation allows for total body energy reset by using Qi Balancer principles.

19. You should be aware of your energy meridians. Knowing how to work them will revolutionize your workouts and your life.

20. Observe your dog. They know so much about proper movement like pandiculation.

21. The quality of your life can be controlled and set by the quality of your breathing.

22. Proper breath control and correct breathwork can change your life.

23. Your life will significantly be lengthened if you know how to breathe properly.

Say Yes To a Healthier Life

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Your future rests in your decisions today. Choose wellness to have a more fulfilling life. It’s always okay to choose you. Now is the right time to choose you.