Fitness is very important in this day and age because more people are getting sicker from lack of exercise and poor diet. It should not only be a temporary thing, but a lifestyle. Here are some tips on how to be fit and healthy.

  1. Principle of Specificity

The principle of specificity simply means that the training an athlete has to undertake must be relevant and appropriate to the sport they are training for. Also, in order to be good at a particular sport, the skills required in that area must be exercised as well. Take for example the sport running., the athlete should train by running in order to develop that skill and be the best.

  1. The Principle of Overload

The principle of overload implies that in order to increase muscle strength, the load should be greater than what the muscle is used to. It requires progressive heavy weight lifting and other submaximal activities. In order to gain from a workout program, there should be step-up in the routine.

  1. The Principle of Reversibility

The principle of reversibility states that the effects of training would diminish once the athlete takes a long break from it. Detraining starts quickly once the training stops and the body, tends to revert back to its pre-training state.

  1. The Principle of Variation

The principle of variation implies that there should be a change in a range or class of skills to promote learning and performance. This principle suggests that an athlete should not perform the usual training every day. Variety would yield more consistent gains for better performance.


Importance of sports bike

  1. It builds strength and muscle tone

Biking is a full body workout that does not only strengthen the leg muscles, but also the whole body. It also effectively tones the body and a great way to lose weight.

  1. It improves stamina

Biking is effective in improving stamina. If you bike longer distances, it will improve your endurance and biking is a fun activity. Once you are doing it, you would not even notice the distance you’ve travelled.

  1. It improves cardiovascular fitness

Biking makes the heart beat in a steady pace, which improves your cardiovascular health. People who take up biking are also less likely to suffer from any heart ailments in the future. People who bike a total of 20 miles weekly are healthier in comparison to the non-bikers.

  1. It improves coordination

Biking helps in improving arm-leg, hand-feet and eye-body coordination as it involves the whole body in order to bike.

  1. It reduces stress levels

Biking is a great stress reliever. You can go out and go places to relax and unwind for free. It is also a great way to get your mind off things that has been a bother to you. So, biking is not only for a healthy body, but for a healthy mind too.


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