Gyms nowadays are the best option for keeping fit and healthy as we acquire our best health. Sometimes it can be quite thwarting however to perform exercises in front of so many people, especially for women. Therefore, we have investigated some of the best exercises to keep fit at home.

According to a survey, it has been found that more than 50% of people are suffering from body image issues. Doing regular exercises helps an individual to reduce their extra pounds without any side effects.

Here are some best weight loss tips that can be conducted at your home. You will definitely be astonished to see the difference in your lean muscle mass.  You just need to follow up with the given instructions to experience maximum results.

Workout for Fat Burning Set 1:

Here we have integrated 5 keep fit at home exercises that can be conducted in the form of circuit training for 60 seconds to 120 seconds for each workout. These exercises can be performed in any open space in your own home.

W Leg Lifts Exercise: (60 seconds)

This exercise will be executed with the help of your legs and abs. W Leg Lifts help in toning the lower portion of your body. Follow the steps to perform this exercise:

  • Recline your body on the mat facing the ceiling
  • Keep your hands straight and join your legs together
  • Lift both legs together in straight direction
  • Let your legs touch your tummy
  • Slowly bring your legs down by stretching them in opposite directions
  • Continue this technique for about 60 seconds

Superman Exercise: (60 seconds)

If you are looking to tone your core, then this power-packed exercise is definitely going to help you achieve your goals. Follow the steps below to execute this keep fit at home exercise for the best results.

  • Turn yourself downwards facing the ground
  • Keep your hands and legs straight and start stretching your body steadily
  • Try to lift up your chest and thighs gradually keeping yourself balanced on your stomach
  • Don’t divert your position while doing this. Keep your body as straight as possible.
  • Bring your chest and thighs down and then gradually again lift up
  • Continue this process for about 45-60 seconds

Skipping Exercise: (120 seconds)

This is regarded as one of most common and easy exercises to lose weight for both men and women. There are no special guidelines for this exercise as we all are familiar with skipping. Many of us have practiced it to keep fit at home with our younger siblings for fun and pleasure. Besides that, skipping can be regularly practiced for weight loss. Take your skipping rope skip for at least 120 seconds in multiple rounds every day. Make sure that your back and knees are straight while skipping.

Workout for Fat Burning Set 2:

After performing the first set, try this second format of weight loss exercise.

Glute Bridge: (120 seconds)

Here are the steps to execute this exercise:

  • Lie down straight on the mat
  • Bend your knees and place your feet flat on the floor
  • Keep your body in a straight position and lift up your hips forming a straight line from the shoulder to the knees.
  • Lower your hips and make them touch the ground
  • Repeat this procedure for about 60-120 seconds.

Skater Hops: (120 seconds)

This workout burns maximum calories in our body.

Here are the steps to execute this exercise:

  • Slightly bend your left knee keeping your back straight
  • Stretch your left knee and ankle towards right
  • Lift the left knee and slowly place your right knee on the ground
  • Stretch your right knees and ankle towards left
  • Repeat this procedure with alternate legs for 120 seconds.


As we conclude this transformative journey into 2024, remember that the pursuit of a healthier, stronger self knows no bounds. Even from the comfort of your own home, a multitude of opportunities awaits to elevate your fitness journey. Embrace the convenience of home workouts, whether through virtual classes, fitness apps, or a personalized routine tailored to your preferences. With dedication and creativity, transform any space into your personal wellness sanctuary. As you weave these practices into your daily life, the path to a fitter, more resilient you becomes not just a resolution, but a sustainable lifestyle. Here’s to a year of flourishing health and boundless vitality to keep fit at home.