Strength training is great for all, but specific exercises for runners is key because of the huge benefits to help their endurance. Of course, when your legs get stronger, they deliver more power thus your running improves. Second, stronger legs mean fewer chances of injury so you can run without being worried. And it is strength training that is capable of bringing these changes. However, you should not forget the upper body and core. Weaker upper body and core and relatively stronger lower body welcome injuries and pain. Just wearing your workout clothes and running every day will not improve your strength.

So, today you will know the strength exercises you should be doing if you want stronger legs and boost strength. Putting your strength in the right direction is what running is. These workouts will target core and legs and give you the strength of taking the game a level up.

Box jump

Put a box in front of you and jump on it while keeping about 10 inches in between. Increase or decrease the height of the box and distance to make yourself comfortable. Once you are, that is your starting point. Slowly work your way up. These are great exercises for runners to improve speed and stride strength.

Walking Lunges

While walking lunges are great you can try other variations too. This is a recommendation because these activate your running muscles. Keep on practicing this and there will be a notable improvement in your running. The power and improvement will come with time, rest assured you are doing it right and maintaining the right proper form. Take help from some professionals if you have to.


Remember not to forget the upper body. the press-ups will power up your chest, shoulders, and arms which will improve your running posture. Posture greatly affects the running mechanism. Get your posture corrected and see how much you improve. Note, don’t extend the neck, don’t look up, don’t lock the elbows, bring the body close to the floor keeping it straight.

Goblet Squat

Goblet squats strengthen the legs overall and also works on the core. Squats are one of the most basic and simple workouts for runners, you may even try different variations of this. Remember to keep your form perfectly good. Don’t carry too much weight if you cannot handle it. Build your way up.

Knee Tuck Jump

To improve your ground reaction and speed this workout will make a strong base for it. A strong base means a durable building on it. As you jump to bring your knees up close to the face without hitting yourself. Start slowly so you know where you stand. As soon as you land repeat it again. Again, don’t get too excited and hit yourself. Especially for this exercise for runners don’t wear baggy workout clothes because they can get tangled and cause injury. Perform this in a wide-open and safe space.

Glute Bridge

While working on legs and core people mostly miss the glutes. They are very important for a runner. Glute bridge activates them for running, helps to improve the running posture and makes the body stable while increasing the efficiency. Glutes focused barbell squats are also great.


Deadlifts variations are great. They strengthen glutes, core, hamstrings, quadriceps, and trapezius. Try different variations of deadlifts.

Don’t ignore any of these exercises for runners or skip for an easier one. Each exercise has its benefits. Don’t lift too much weight, start from beginner level and you will improve with time.