Embarking on a boxing journey requires more than just passion and determination. To excel in this demanding and rewarding sport, having the right equipment is essential. From gloves that protect your hands to protective gear that safeguards your body, each piece of equipment plays a vital role in maximizing your performance and ensuring your safety inside the ring. In this article, we will explore the essential equipment you need to have before starting boxing, helping you build a solid foundation for your training and sparring sessions. Whether you’re a beginner or aspiring to become a professional boxer, understanding the significance of each piece of equipment will not only enhance your skills but also contribute to your overall enjoyment and success in this dynamic sport. So, let’s discover the boxing essentials you need and set you up for a powerful and well-equipped boxing journey.

Boxing Gloves

Of course, this is one of the boxing essentials that will strike to your mind from the numerous movies and, if possible, live matches you might have witnessed. There are a lot of sizes and weights depending on your body weight and dimensions. Take care to go through some manual at the store before purchasing them.

  • Do not get bag gloves, which are just meant for punching the bag. Training gloves range between 10oz to 16oz depending on your weight between 147lbs or lighter to 175lbs or heavier.

The brands like Everlast and Title seems to last long and is durable, as confirmed from several boxers and trainers. They are also affordable and just the kind of investment the beginners are looking for.

  • Always air out your gloves after each session since they can really smell bad due to accumulation of sweat.

Hand Wraps

The next thing that goes almost unnoticed is that boxers wear wraps beneath their gloves to keep their wrists from spraining, or even worse, breaking or getting fractured. Boxing is all about the myth of your wrists and at the beginning or after being a professional, hand wraps always give you an extra layer of safety. Once again, Everlast makes some good quality hand wraps and they can be worn by just slipping your hands on them.

  • These must hold your wrist firmly so that they can stay firm and not fragile while punching.

Head & Mouth Guard

The next two items are quite mandatory boxing essentials for the safety of your essential parts, that is, your brain and your face. You will not want to get a hemorrhage or break your jaw while training. It could be even worse if you are in a boxing match.

  • Shock Doctor is a renowned brand that makes good quality mouth guards.
  • Head guards can be purchased from Everlast without any second thoughts.

They complement the previous two items when you are being to learn boxing, which makes this four set kit quite essential for the sport.

Overall, boxing improves your spatial awareness, improves the coordination of your hand and eye, strengthens your upper body muscles and builds up endurance naturally. It is mostly to increase your stamina of your body and mind.

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