With the busy lives we are living, time is always a limitation for fitness programs. However, you have to stay fit and healthy no matter what. The diet alone will not be enough to keep the whole of your body fit. This makes fitness minimalism the only option you have. This will fit well in the limited time and is suitable for the old.

The fundamental Minimalist Fitness mindsets

The basis of Fitness Minimalism is doing only what is necessary to stay fit. With this at the back of your mind, you will achieve similar results as the person who is on a whole day fit workout. However, you must be ready to increase the intensity of the exercise. Here are the tips that govern a fitness minimalist:

Focus on maximum results

Since you have less time, it is important to get the best out of the exercise you choose. Many simple workouts are available and they have the great impact on burning of calories. Press-ups and sit-ups are the most common types of simple but very effective types of body exercises.

With these, you can burn fat and keep the most of other body organs fit. Although it takes very little time, it achieves a lot for a Fitness Minimalism person.

Be time conscious

You want to achieve more in the least time possible. Time will help choose on an intensive exercise that will serve many purposes. In addition, you will be able to include resting times in between the exercise. For instance, having kettle swings for 30 seconds and taking 15 seconds resting intervals will be very effective. Within a span of 20 minutes, you will have burn enough fat for the day.

Pace and intensity

For Fitness Minimalism programs, speed and intensity are important. That is why you will have to replace jogging with sprinting for intensity purposes. In cases of other activities, they should have some speed since time defines a minimalist. Although combining the two is not as easy, practice makes perfect and you will adapt with time.

Fitness Minimalism targets

Making a workout schedule will enable you to reach all the body targets. The different exercises will have better impacts on some regions and leave the others. With an exercise program, you can exchange between the exercises after some time. Keeping fit means having an overall healthy body and this makes a schedule that you must have.

The Minimalist Essential workouts

Depending on how fit you are when starting a fitness program; the choices of exercises are endless. However, Fitness Minimalism requires vigorous but safe workouts. You may have to include workout machines in your fitness program. Some of the basic workouts are:

Skip ropes

This old time children exercise is very effective for Fitness Minimalism. Although it seems hard at fast, with continued practice, you will gain momentum. Trying some jumping tricks will make the exercise more interesting and effective. In addition, target on increasing speed each time you are working out in the endeavor of achieving more with the least time.

The Kettlebells

They contain a full package of workout tools that will promote rigorous exercising. While using this, it is important to increase the intensity of the workouts for maximum results. The biggest advantage of this training kit is that you can use it for the main body organs.

Total Body Resistance (TRX) 

These are the simplest and may require no machines at all. Their efficiency is very significant given the high intensity of the exercises involved. You may just require a strong horizontal pole where you can do suspended lift ups. This will channel most of the excess energy to your muscles, as you keep fit.

Generally, TRX exercises are very rigorous and they must be part of any Fitness Minimalism schedule.


A training kit with adjustable parts promotes creativity and an enjoyable fitness session. For a fitness minimalist, the kit enables short but intensive whole body workouts. You can make sandbags at home and they will serve the same purpose as the ones in the shops.

Important tips

Fitness Minimalism will always involve strength efforts due to time limitations. Therefore, it is important to take caution on how you engage in them. The workout area should be stable and the tools well balanced to avoid adversities of the exercises on the overworked organs.

In addition, unnecessary activities such as cleaning of the equipment should not be part of the Fitness Minimalism training schedules.

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